What vitamins should I take?

Are you asking "What vitamins should I take"?  This article will give you some help in finding the answer.

dillIt may seem incredible that most people these day do not get the full amount of nutrients that they need. However, our diets are full of chemicals and other things that tend to suppress our immune systems.

Fortunately, there are many vitamins available to make up for our shortfall. Using simple supplements daily vitamins can improve your health and your appearance quite effortlessly.

Since you've been wondering "What vitamins should I take," you're likely already aware that something,nutritionally, is lacking. You already know that much of the food you eat does not include everything it should and that nutrition seems to have been replaced with flavors, colorings, additives and other chemicals that do not us any good. And, even if you do eat healthfully, you still may not be getting the right amount of the right things that you need or you may not be absorb it so that it gives you what you need.

One of the most popular vitamins is Vitamin C. This vitamin helps boost your immune system and keeps your body working as it should. For most people taking 1000mg a day is great.

A Vitamin Secret

Here's a secret:  Don't take Vitamin C in one dose! The body doesn't any store vitamin C it doesn't use and eliminates it through the urine. So, to start with, take it in 250mg-500mg doses. Next, in order for you to absorb the vitamin you will need to take a B-Complex vitamin. You see, your body doesn't always have everything it needs to absorb vitamin C effectively and the B-Complex will help with this.

Another good supplement is Calcium (which is really a mineral). Our food normally doesn't have a lot of Calcium in it and it is essential for the bones. Calcium also keeps nails and hair healthy, which is an added perk. A B-Complex also helps your body to absorb calcium.

Another supplement to consider on a daily basis is an Omega-3 or DHA supplement. These can be found in fish-oil tablets. The omega acids are responsible for heart health, brain development and memory. They make day-to-day activities easier to accomplish and keep your overall health where it should be.

Many multi-vitamins supplements are designed to provide everything you need in them. For example, a line we promote,  -- Xtend Life's Total Balance, available in Children's, Men's, Unisex and  Women's varieties.

However, even though you use a multivitamin you should be aware of what is in them because your body may not necessarily absorb everything at the same time. This is why in addition to a multi-vitamin, some folks choose to take vitamins C and B at different times.

If you have any questions there are many reputable stores and internet sites with useful information, but you have to make sure that you are choosing what is best for you ... something which a store or website cannot decide.

You are also advised to ask your doctor who may have a better idea of what is best for you if they are aware of your personal medical history and present needs.

What vitamins should I take?

In the end, to answer the question "What vitamins should I take", remember that we should be getting most of our nutrients from foods. So, even if you use supplements, aim to have a well-balanced diet. This way daily supplements will help you reach the ideal level of nutrients and will keep you feeling your best.

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