Vitamins for healthy hair

Vitamins for healthy hair are often overlooked in the quest to have beautiful, glamorous hair.  Are you missing any?

vitamins for healthy hairWhen it comes to hair, the basic advice to keep it strong, shiny and healthy is to wash and condition it every so often. Add in the other hair treatments provided in a spa and your hair will indeed be your crowning glory. But this is not so because the most important aspect - vitamins for healthy hair - is overlooked.

Why Go for Vitamins

Keep in mind that hair grows at an average speed of 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month with such growth attributed largely to the nutrients being fed into the cells. Yes, your shampoo and conditioner may be marketed as the best hair grower in the market but real hair growth occurs from within. These beauty products mainly focus on providing the substances to make hair appear healthy, shiny and glamorous.

So, vitamins for healthy hair from both food and supplement sources are necessary to maintain the health of the hair inside and out. Just observe people who have been deprived of vitamins especially those on extreme weight loss diets who have scraggly hair. This is because the body will use whatever nutrients are remaining to keep itself alive instead of channeling them to hair, which just so happens to be dead cells, so to speak.

But a few words of caution on these vitamins are necessary. You must not take these vitamins in extreme doses either as too much has also been known to cause rapid hair loss. This is the case with Vitamin A supplements, which means that it is important to check the nutritional supplementation information on the package to ensure that you are taking the right doses.

Why Go for Foods

We must emphasize that the food sources of vitamins for healthy hair are still the best. A healthy diet provides for all the necessary vitamins and minerals that the entire body needs from head to foot, inside and out. You will then end up with a healthy head of hair resting atop a healthy body, not to mention that you have avoided the risks of side effects and overdoses with supplements.

Here then are the top ten examples of hair-friendly food with their vitamins and minerals:

  • Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12 and iron.

  • Vegetarians can add flaxseed oil in place of fishes.

  • Dark green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and Swiss chard are rich sources of vitamins for healthy hair specifically A and C. These vitamins are necessary for healthy production of sebum, which is the hair's natural conditioner.

  • Beans contain iron, zinc and biotin.

  • Nuts like Brazil nuts and walnuts offer rich quantities of selenium, which is important in scalp health.

  • Poultry provides for proteins, which support the function of vitamins for healthy hair.

  • Eggs contain Vitamin B12 and biotin aside from protein.

  • Whole are also rich sources of the B vitamins as well as zinc and iron

  • Oysters are not only aphrodisiacs but are powerful antioxidants, too.

  • Low-fat dairy products offer zinc, onea-3 fatty acids and calcium

  • Carrots have abundant quantities of Vitamin A.

When all of these foods are included in your daily diet, you are guaranteed to enjoy more than your fair share of vitamins for healthy hair.

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