Essential B Vitamins for Hair Growth Your Head Must Absorb

Vitamins for hair growth are essential for healthy hair ...

vitamins for hair growthMany men and women will give plenty of time, effort and money to get their hands - or more appropriately, their heads - on vitamins for hair growth. This is true even when an individual still has a full head of hair simply because nobody can resist the appeal of healthy, glossy and bouncy tresses. One can just imagine the absolute necessity for these vitamins for individuals suffering from male pattern baldness and other hair loss conditions.

Fortunately, medical science has provided us with many hair-friendly vitamins. These micronutrients can be consumed though natural food sources and nutritional supplements. So, the next time you want to nourish your hair, look for the following vitamins in the nutritional supplements information of whatever food product you are purchasing at the supermarket.

Vitamin B5

Pantothenic acid, as Vitamin B5 is called in the science community, is one of the most effective B vitamins for hair growth as it helps the body's hair-related processes. For one thing, it boosts scalp metabolism by improving on the body's ability to produce energy. As a result, blood flow to the scalp is increased and hair growth is promoted.

For another thing, vitamin B5 supports hair growth such that hair thickness is improved on. On the follicular level, the diameter of the follicles is increased as well, thus, making for stronger hair. You will also observe that vitamin B5 improves on the color of hair such that the appearance of gray and white strands is delayed.

Food sources for vitamin B5 include fishes, chicken eggs and other edible animal organs as well as whole grains and nuts. You must beware against taking too much of even this most effective of B vitamins for hair growth the reverse can also happen with an overdose. Your hair can easily fall out because pantothenic acid adversely impacts on the nitric oxide flow. We suggest sticking to 4-7 milligrams daily.

Vitamin B2

The second B vitamin for hair growth is riboflavin, which is commonly known as Vitamin B2. Take note that riboflavin deficiency can lead to the weakening of scalp health and the loss of hair over the long-term period. Thus, to avoid these things from happening, take riboflavin according to your gender - 1.1 mg for women while men need 1.7 mg daily.

Riboflavin is not only used for preventive measures but also as a treatment for mild hair loss. It promotes scalp repair at the cellular level mainly by promoting greater levels of oxygen to be delivered to the scalp and hair cells. When the cells have more oxygen and nutrients, these are in a better position to heal whatever ailment is present.

As one of the B vitamins for hair growth, riboflavin also boosts the red blood cell count. In doing so, cell respiration is also promoted, thus, the scalp is better able to support hair growth. Think of it as the domino effect of B vitamins.

We recommend eating breads and cereals enriched with Vitamin B2 as well as green leafy vegetables and milk to get your daily share of this important nutrient. Of course, other nutrients are present in these foods, too.

These B vitamins for hair growth are necessary in daily life not only for the sake of your hair but for the health of the rest of your body. So, eat and drink up and enjoy that full head of hair.

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