The Need For Vitamin Supplements

Have you ever wondered if vitamin supplements are really necessary?  This article will help you answer that question...

Maybe you've noticed that there are some healthy people who eat well and don't need vitamin supplements.  Even so, you'll likely recognize that these days it is very rare to find these people and there are so many examples of times when vitamin supplements are vital to being healthy.

Circumstances Necessitating Use

Following are a few of the more important situations that make the use of vitamin supplements essential.  Take note that it's advisable to consult a medical professional to learn the specific vitamins and the dosages that a most suitable for your needs.  Don't forget that overdoses, misuses and abuses can cancel or even reverse some of the most helpful vitamin supplements!

To start, children may need vitamin supplements, and especially so, if they are finicky eaters.  If they are they may miss out on the important nutrients they need for proper development such as calcium, fluoride and iron.  Even if you present foods in creative ways, they may still eat too many of the less healthy foods.

There are also youngsters who have uncommon diets (i.e.  vegetarian or hypoallergenic foods).  They would also need to bridge a gap between what foods they normally eat and what their growing bodies need for proper development.  Vitamin supplements will be there to do the job.

Next take note that pregnant women have need of vitamin supplements both for themselves and for their unborn children.  If you're expecting, your increased needs may not be met by your regular diet, apart from the fact that there are certain vitamins required to make certain that your baby does not develop congenital defects.  

Folic acid, for example, is often prescribed to lower the risks of congenital defects and vitamin C is used to increase resistance against things like colds and influenza.

Further, there are genetic disorders and diseases that unfavorably have an effect on the body's ability to absorb nutrients from food.  In these cases, vitamin supplements are needed to provide the missing nutrients. Examples:  all types of cancer, stomach problems like Chron's disease and liver disorders require some form of supplementation to replace the vitamins and minerals lost due to the weakened immune system. In addition, after-surgery care requires the utilization of vitamins, like ascorbic acid, which has been proven to accelerate the healing of wounds.

Things to Remember

Regardless of your motives for using vitamin supplements, certain guidelines should always be kept in mind:

  • Consult your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements.
  • Avoid overdosing by carefully following prescriptions.   There is such a thing as "too much" of a good thing.  
  • Vitamin supplements cannot replace a wholesome diet and good eating habits.  You must still take on a healthy lifestyle so as to secure the optimum benefits from using supplements.   
  • Check the labels in case you may be allergic to certain ingredients, make sure you are not taking useless fillers and binders and that you are getting the right amounts of the most wanted nutrients.

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