Vitamin Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin nutritional supplements are recommended by experts for certain groups of people.  Read this article to learn if you are in one of those groups.

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Traditional health experts always emphasize that vitamin nutritional supplements are only necessary under certain circumstances and for certain sectors of the population, but not others.  For example, they exclude healthy infants, babies and children with a healthy diet of breastmilk/formula and solid foods since they believe overdoses could be fatal.  On the other hand, because teenagers, adults and the elderly can better handle dietary supplementation and find them essential for the maintenance of good health these groups are suitable candidates for supplementation.

Eat and Supplement

Nutritional supplements are not substitutes for eating a wide variety of healthy foods.  Your diet should ideally include plant-based foods fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds as well as animal-based products like meats, fishes and dairy products.  Keep in mind that nutritional supplements lack many beneficial compounds found only in plants and animals like phytonutrients, fiber and essential fatty acids.

Over time, unfortunately, even a healthy diet can lead to significant nutrient discrepancies in healthy people.  The vitamin nutritional supplements are then necessary to bridge the gap between the recommended daily allowance and the actual consumption of the nutrients.  Individuals in need of supplementation include:

  • Pregnant women will require folic acid to ensure their baby's healthy development

  • Elderly people need multivitamins and other specific nutritional supplements to improve their physical and mental health. For example, multivitamin capsules can fill in the deficient nutrients from a limited diet.

  • Individuals with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis and hypertension may benefit from dietary supplements in the relief of their symptoms.

  • Athletes can take vitamin and nutritional supplements to boost their performance.

Buy and Be Careful

If you have decided that nutritional supplements are necessary in your life and your doctor approves, then go for it.  But first, you have to be careful about choosing and then using the supplements since not everything good will be so in all instances.  Overdoses, drug interactions and side effects can and do happen with nutritional supplements, thus, the abovementioned warning.

First, choose only the high quality vitamin nutritional supplements even if its means spending a few dollars more.  Your health is at stake, period.

Second, follow the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and upper limits (UL) for vitamins.  You may find it very worthwhile to consult a professional dietitian to determine these amounts in relation to your existing diet and supplementation plans.  Keep in mind that the RDA and UL are not printed on the nutritional supplements information although the percent daily values (DV) can often be found printed on the labels.

With the right approach, you can maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of taking nutritional supplements.  This can be achieved by taking supplements with the right balance of complete vitamins essential for your good health.

The balance is essential as too little of the vitamin means wasted money while too much of the micronutrient equals health complications. For example, excessive levels of Vitamin A are detrimental to liver and bone health.

On a last note, it is not a good idea to become "addicted" to vitamin nutritional supplements in the sense that these are used as substitutes for a healthy diet, moderate exercise and good lifestyle habits.  It's the biggest mistake you may well make in pursuit of a healthier, happier and longer life on Earth.

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