Checking Out Subway Nutritional Information

Alright it's time to check out Subway nutritional information to find out what we get when we eat at the world's largest submarine sandwich chain.

subwaqyWho hasn't heard of Subway, the world's greatest submarine sandwich chain and the purveyor of the famous Five Dollar Foot Long sandwich? By the way, did you know the Five Dollar Foot Long got started as a mistake? And now, there's a whole song about it!

No doubt you've heard about their biggest advertising star, the man named Jared. Jared had once been a fattie who ate at places like McDonald's and BK. But then he dropped those "burgers and fries" and switched to a new fast food fix: Subway. And he then dropped over 100 pounds. He and Subway now work together to make each other rich.

I just had my very first Five Dollar Foot Long not long before I knew I was going to write this as I was out Christmas shopping. I had a meatball sub with pepper jack cheese on some kind of nine grain bread. Subway's tag line is "Eat fresh!", and I surely did. I was filled but not stuffed (I did not get a drink or chips or anything), and the sub was delicious.

So, the food is very good, the Fivers really do have 7 grams of fat or less in them, and that Jared story happens to be true. But what is the full story of Subway nutritional information?

Subway nutritional information tells us that while you don't have to sweat the fat when you eat there -- especially if you don't get any chips -- there is something else that you do have to be concerned with. And that's the carbs.

Take, for instance, something that surely sounds like one of the healthiest things that Subway must serve: the Footlong Turkey on Wheat Bread. Just 7 grams of fat, and 37 grams of protein. Excellent! But ... 92 grams of carbohydrates! That is more carbs than you find in a Burger King Triple Whopper!

The "problem" with eating at Subway is ... well, it's the bread. You see, bread is part of Subway's allure. You get a choice of bread with every sandwich, and that bread all tastes very good. And you "eat fresh" with that bread, indeed.

But what many people don't know when they look at Subway nutritional information is that carbohydrates can be worse for you than fats (except maybe trans-fats) if you are trying to lose weight.

There are people who believe they are truly eating healthy, but they can't seem to hit their target weight. This is because they are eating "healthy" sandwiches for lunch, or something like that. And most of the ingredients they are choosing probably are healthy -- except that bread is loading up the carbs, and killing their dietary hopes. I wonder how much fitter Jared could be without all those carbs from that Subway bread.

My take-away from Subway nutritional information is this. By all means eat there from time to time, if you enjoy it. If you want to slim down, choose Subway over the burger joints at least 90% of the time. It's very good food. Just don't fool yourself into thinking you can live on it for optimal health. Eat balanced, and make sure you are using high quality vitamin supplements, and a good choice might be Xtend Life's Total Balance.

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