Checking Out Starbucks Nutritional Information

If we research Starbucks nutritional information, we're going to find out something interesting about the most famous coffee chain in the world

starbucks Starbucks! Now,  we're going to find out something about the most famous coffee chain in the world (because Dunkin' Donuts is known more for the doughnuts). Probably also the most well-known place from which to work at your telecommuting job outside of your own home.

Starbucks makes big money by providing top quality customer service and hip coffee drinks that cost you a pretty penny. They also get involved with things like Fair Trade, pastries, and even selling a few CDs. Now, what do we know about Starbucks nutritional information?

Coffee is proven to be quite good for you, as long as you don't have a bad reaction to caffeine. Coffee helps protect your brain against degenerative diseases, it's a metabolism booster, helps you deal better with stress, and even provides antioxidants. But, what about those creams ... and syrups ... and pastries? Anything you gotta watch out for there?

Surprisingly to me, but perhaps not so surprisingly to Starbucks aficionados, Starbucks nutritional information reveals them to be highly concerned about nutritional matters. The Starbucks website now boasts:

Our new recipes contain:

No artificial flavors
No artificial trans fats
No artificial dyes
No high-fructose corn syrup

Now that's impressive!

And another impressive thing about the Starbucks business model is that the company loves adapting or using ideas provided by their customers. They've done that with their food products, and are announcing that as a result they are now making many simpler, but still very tasty, recipes -- without all that stuff that they brag they are no longer having anything to do with.

Starbucks nutritional information also reveals that they have gotten into the buy local practice. This keeps ingredients fresher and more packed with nutrients. Another nutritional plus. However, the company still uses plenty of cream and sugar and syrups to make over 87,000 different possible drink combos (yeah, I was blown away by that number, too). So, you have choice after choice at Starbucks....

If you can learn to keep to black coffee or their delicious and highly nutritious Tazo Teas with honey at least 75% of the time, you can go ahead and indulge that other one-fourth of the time. And if you like something sweet for breakfast, check out those simple, all-natural muffins, pastries, and such from time to time.

But ... can you live by caffeine and whole-grain banana muffins alone? Nah. There's still sugar in those muffins, and too much in the way of carbs. The lack of all those processed food ingredients is a plus, but don't get ideas that you can start living off Starbucks.

But in our our fast paced world, and with all of those virtual offices opening up, you may find yourself eating at Starbucks quite a lot. So -- eat smart and balanced when you're not there, and make sure that you get your high quality supplements, and a good choice might be Xtend Life's Total Balance. That's my summation of Starbucks nutritional information.

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