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Sport Nutritional Supplements may be what you're seeking if you're training for the olympics or just improving your overall fitness ...

Athletes are probably the most competitive individuals on the planet for obvious reasons. Even the smallest edge during competitions can translate to a gold medal or a world record or both in whatever sports activity the athlete may be involved in. This is the main reason why specialized nutritional supplements are highly popular among athletes, coaches and trainers alike because of the possible edge provided by these products.

What Supplements Are and Are Not

But before anybody thinks that nutritional supplements are the miracle pills that will push a mediocre athlete into an Olympian, think again. A healthy diet and training program suitable to the specific sports are still the most important parts of becoming a successful athlete - no ifs and no buts about it.

Secrets of Natural Healthy Living

Nutritional supplements are usually added to the healthy diet of an athlete to boost performance during practice sessions and actual competitions. These are not substitutes for eating well since most supplements only contain certain special nutrients instead of the whole range of macro and micronutrients that a healthy diet will provide to the body.

For example, sport nutritional supplements can contain a special protein formulation or creatine ingredients or botanical herbs only. Athletes and trainers must then look at the nutritional supplements information to ensure that the ingredients will suitably address the health requirements for which the supplements are consumed in the first place. Plus, careful inspection of the ingredients is a must lest one of these components turn out to be banned from sports competitions (i.e., doping).

What the Common Ingredients Are

Again, most sport nutritional supplements will contain special ingredients formulated to boost athletic performance in certain areas like strength and stamina . Thus, nutritional supplements are often different for bodybuilders , for swimmers and for runners , for example. Nonetheless, the following nutrients are the most common ingredients in these nutritional supplements for athletes:

  • B Vitamins are known for maintaining healthy functions in cells especially in cellular repair, conversion of food into energy and formation of red blood cells, all of which are important to athletic performance

  • Creatine improves the response level to high intensity interval training in sports like weight lifting and sprinting

  • Glucosamine helps in the stimulation of cartilage

  • Protein supplements are popular among bodybuilders because of its ability to promote lean muscle mass development

  • Bioflavonoids from botanical substances like grape seed extract, horse chestnut seed extract and elderberry boosts antioxidant activity

  • Carnitine improves on endurance levels, oxygen uptake and anaerobic strength output

Many other sport nutritional supplements will contain a cocktail of vitamins and minerals in differing quantities. Caffeine, ephedrine and ribose may also be included as secondary ingredients.

What to Think About

Because of the stringent anti-doping measures in place for most sports, athletes and trainers must exercise extra caution when choosing and consuming nutritional supplements. So many dreams of sports glory have been smashed to pieces by the simple error of taking supplements that contain banned substances even when said products are acceptable outside of the sports world.

Just as in the case of over-the-counter supplements, athletes must consult with a doctor possessing the right qualifications in sports medicine. This way, inadvertent taking of over-the-counter sport nutritional supplements containing banned ingredients and byproducts can be totally avoided. And of course, what use are nutritional supplements if and when these do not fit your health goals?

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