Side Effects Fish Oil - Mercury Levels

The side effects fish oil can produce are important considerations when you plan to increase the consumption of them in your regular diet ...

The benefits of fish oil are some of the most popular health benefits promoted today. Fish oil is used to fortify breads and cereals and is even included in baby formulas to support brain development in infants. The cardiac benefits are by far the most intriguing with some supporters claiming healthy fish oil levels in the diet can reduce the risk of cardiac disease and illness dramatically. These claims are true, but with a huge influx of supportive health information regarding fish oil supplementation comes the ability to make money from these claims.

Fish oil supplements are not all created equal. Some manufacturers test their fish oil to assure the mercury levels are low or non-existent in the supplements. As live fish are the source of fish oils, mercury levels in the fish can be harvested with the oils. The more mercury in the fish oil supplement, the higher the risk of side effects. Fish oil can only provide healthy, life changing benefits if the supplement is mercury free.

Skipping the Side Effects - Fish Oil

The consumer can pick and choose between many affordable fish oil supplements. The ingredient list included on the label is the first place to start research in regards to mercury levels that could be contained in the supplement. There are fish that are high in mercury and those that contain very low amounts. Tilapia, sardines and anchovies, for instance, all contain very low amounts of mercury which make them perfect as a good source for fish oil supplements. Shark, swordfish, king mackerel, golden bass and golden snapper are the fish species with the highest levels of mercury.

Suspected Brands or Producers

In the United States, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) surveyed many fish oil supplement manufacturers about the methods they used to ensure their fish oil supplements were cleaned and mercury free. The companies were rated based upon their methods and the amount of information they supplied to the EDF. The worst companies or brands on the list were Kmart, Omega Protein, Rite Aid and Solaray. These companies either chose not to respond to the survey after repeated attempts at contact, or they did not follow the safest guidelines for ensuring the safety of their fish oil supplements.

Companies were also listed that chose not to include all of the relevant information on the survey. These companies included American Health, Country Life, GNC, Good and Natural, Health from the Sun, Holland & Barrett, Major Pharmaceuticals, Puritan's Pride and Rexall Sundown. The consumer wanting to take the healthiest fish oil supplement with a lesser chance of side effects should understand the process by which the fish oil is produced or at least whether or not the fish oil is cleansed to remove mercury before the supplement is bottled and sent to market.

Fish oil offers a healthy boost to Omega 3 levels in the body. Consuming fish low in mercury up to three times a week is a healthy start. Fish oil supplements can also provide health benefits, but assuming these supplements are all created with the same level of care is an assumption that can lead to side effects. Fish oil should contain little or no mercury.

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