The Truth About Raw Food Weight Loss

Raw food weight loss has come to the fore for many who are concerned about health.  Is this a fad or for real?  We examine the facts ...

raw food weight lossWhile the market abounds in fad diets, it is a widely accepted fact that most of these are detrimental to your overall health. Also, these restrictive regimens are very hard to keep up with. Unfortunately, the desire to lose weight and have a svelte physique like their favorite Hollywood celebrity is so intense that people often forgo of common sense and fall prey to the inflated claims about these programs. On the other hand, raw food weight loss not only provides your body with all the nourishment that it needs but also you lose inches at a gradual pace while keeping your energy levels up. So, here is a look at how you can achieve raw food weight loss.

Is raw food weight loss really healthy?

Raw food weight loss plans are certainly healthier than some of the other fad diets in the market, namely, low carb diets, high protein programs etc. It is essential to understand that people do not gain weight because of eating; binging on fat and sugar laden food items is what makes your waist line balloon up. Eating sensibly is the only way to ensure that you lose weight fast and healthily.

A raw food diet is healthy because the process of cooking usually reduces the natural nutrients in food items. Also, vegetables and fruits when consumed raw will give you more soluble and insoluble fiber, which will not only help to make you feel satiated but will also, improve your digestive health.

Since a raw food diet is very low in fats and carbohydrates, it helps you to reduce those pounds faster than you ever thought possible. However, because you are getting your daily dose of nutrients, you will not feel lethargic and devoid of energy like you normally would when following other diet regimens. This helps you to stick to your diet plan firmly and see it through completion.

Does the raw food weight loss plan actually work?

Try asking people on a raw food diet if their new found eating habits have helped them to lose weight and you will certainly get a resounding ‘yes'.

Most people claim to lose as many as 10 to 15 lbs per week. It is normal for people to lose a drastic amount of weight yet feel incredibly energized in the initial phases of the plan.

Also, when on a raw food diet, you will notice a significant improvement in your health; this includes a glowing skin, no digestive issues or lack of energy etc. One of the reasons why you lose weight so fast diet is the low calorie content of the food items that you consume.

Because a raw food diet comprises of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables that are not cooked or processed in any way, your calorific intake is very less. In fact, you could easily reduce your consumption to 1200 calories per day without starving yourself.

This is another advantage of a raw food regimen, fruits and vegetables are very filling besides you can have as much of these food items as you want. For instance, grab a big salad for dinner and lunch, eat two to three bowls of fruits for breakfast along with some nuts, etc. and munch of some fruits or nuts for in between meal hunger pangs. You can also add delicious fruit juices to your raw food diet.

All of these food items give you a healthy dose of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help keep your skin and hair glowing, remove the toxins from your body and promote overall well being.

Because most vegetables and fruits are fibrous, they help to increase your metabolic rate. Soluble and insoluble fiber requires more energy for digestion; this means that you will be dispending more calories to process these food items. This in turn will boost your metabolism, resulting in further weight loss.

Also, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of digestive enzymes; these help to break down the food that you eat. They also assist in the proper absorption of the nutrients in the food that you eat. In case of a lack of digestive enzyme, the nutrients are simply stored in the body in the form of energy and this is what causes weight gain.

The things to eat when on a raw food weight loss diet

When on a raw food weight loss plan, you can eat just about any fruit, vegetable or nuts that you can think of. However, it is imperative to not go hungry; this will put your metabolism in a lull. Also, remember to eat different types of fruits and vegetables so that you can get all the nutrients that your body needs. 

Don't forget to continue with your normal routine of supplements if you have been using them until you have established new eating habits and then make the necessary adjustments.

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