Papain Enzyme


The Papain enzyme has a long history of usage for breaking down tough meat fibers using papaya leaves to make meat tender...


Papain enzyme is the short name for the extract from papaya called cysteine protease hydrolase enzyme. It has a long-time reputation as a digestive aid.

It is said that the enzyme resemble in the digestive enzymes in the stomach, the pepsin and trypsin. The Papain enzyme has a long history of usage in the meat industry in conjunction with protease inhibitor solutions for breaking down tough meat fibers in South America. Crushed papaya leaves were wrapped around meat to break down the complex proteins and make the meat tender.

Varied uses and effects

Recent research indicates that the papain enzyme used in tropical folk medicine to heal cuts and wounds, truly has healing properties.

  • Post operative patients treated with strips of papaya fruit were found to heal within forty eight hours.

  • In India, the papain enzyme is reported to have been used to trigger abortions of unwanted pregnancies.

  • This enzyme has also been found to be very effective in dealing with lower back pain, sprains and strains.

  • It is also an excellent aid to keep the skin healthy and glowing and relieves  indigestion.

  • It also helps boost immune system function and is believed to be helpful in shingles, allergies and tumors.

  • The enzyme also finds uses in the treatment of intestinal worms.

  • The powdered papain enzyme extract is made into a paste and often used to treat jelly fish, bee and yellow jacket (wasp) stings and stingray wounds. The action of the enzyme breaks down the toxin and the venom.

  • Papain enzyme is also used creams for its healing properties.

  • Toothpastes and mints use papain enzyme to whiten the teeth.
The latex from the papaya tree is collected and extracted as a crude, dry material. Sometimes the latex is also collected from the head of the fruit either as a dry or wet product. The latex, so collected is then dried further and purified to remove contaminating substances. The purification process involves solubilization and extraction of active papain enzyme. This process needs to be registered with the gvernment.

The use of papain enzyme is very safe. However, it is best to consult a physician before you include nutritional supplements of any kind in your diet. This warning should be specially heeded by pregnant and nursing mothers and those who have health problems that are being treated.

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