Checking Out Olive Garden Nutritional Information

One of the most successful "alternative to fast food" restaurants is the Olive Garden. So, it would be a good idea to check out some Olive Garden nutritional information, as you may well end up eating there.

oliveIn spite of what I find irritating commercials, which feature goofy people saying goofy things but which are intended to show people having a great time thinking going to Olive Garden (hey guys, here's a clue: fire your advertising firm), their food really is delicious! I hope those dumb commercials are not driving away more people than they are attracting.

Olive Garden is a little bit more expensive than your true fast food restaurants, plus you have to leave a tip, since it is a full-service restaurant. But it's one of those places that you just love to stop in to for lunch or if you have to go out shopping, and it's family-oriented even though it serves alcohol (and I highly recommend their peach sangria!). The food is well-prepared and you get nicely sized servings.

But...have you ever looked into Olive Garden nutritional information? We would expect this delicious, fresh-prepared food to be healthier for us than, say, Micky Dee's.

When we check into the Olive Garden nutritional information, however, are we going to be surprised? Olive Garden, remember, is essentially Italian fare. No-one has ever accused Italian food of being lacking fattening power! Still, isn't there something to that whole Mediterranean Diet thing?

Well, Olive Garden nutritional information is not difficult to find because the corporate website has a prominent link to it. They are confident. Let's look at their 10 most calorie-rich offerings, and we'll use Olive Garden's provided nutritional information about them. 

DISH Calories Total Fat(g) Saturated Fat(g) Mg of Sodium Carbs(g) Fiber(g)
Chicken Alfredo Pizza  1180  40  17  3330 144 11
Lasagna Fritta 1030 63 21 1590 82 9
Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta 940 48 28 1940 72 7
Create Your Own Pizza (with cheese and sauce only) 910 28 12 2970 129 8
Calamari* 890 54 5 2340 64 2
Grilled Chicken Caesar 850 64 13 1880 14 4
Caesar Salad without croutons 800 61 13 1750 8 0
Grilled Chicken Flatbread 760 44 15 1500 47 5
Bruschetta 610 13 2.5 1760 100 10

*If you add Parmesan Pepper-corn sauce, this dish moves up to #1.

Now what do we take away from our Olive Garden nutritional information?

Well, some of these dishes are pretty high in simple carbs, such as the Bruschetta, the Pizza, and that Chicken Alfredo! That doesn't mean that these are not all-in-all pretty healthy dishes, but simple carbs are well known diet killers and need to be stayed away from as much as possible by those who have weight problems.

But I think the thing that really stands out is the high sodium content. Most Americans consume too much salt, and that over-saturation mostly comes from processed foods--and restaurant foods. Yet, the real problem is that most of that salt is cooked table salt.

We need salt, which is why our bodies crave it. But sea salt has an abundance of minerals in it, plus it has a saltier taste. This means that you get more out of it, but don't need as much of it to satisfy your tastes. Cooked table salt is nutritionally poor, and people instinctively try to get more of it as a result. This leads to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure can harm your liver, cognition, kidneys and even your eyesight. And, it can of course cause heart disease.

However, the majority of salt-crazed Americans don't have high blood pressure. So what gives?

Well, there are other factors that contribute to high blood pressure. Such as a potassium deficiency. I don't think you're getting a lot of potassium at Olive Garden.

My conclusion from the Olive Garden nutritional information is: it is more nutritious than fast food, but it's not good at all for people fighting high blood pressure, and dieters need to choose very carefully.

And--if you are going to eat frequently at places like Olive Garden, make sure you are getting the necessary dietary supplements--such as those that can provide you with that potassium, and a good choice might be Xtend Life's Total Balance.

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