Looking Hard at the Nutritional Values of Common Foods Today

Sad to say, but equally true to say, the nutritional values of common foods today are...well, sometimes, seemingly non-existent. In this article we examine what we commonly eat ...

The nutritional values of common foods in today's advanced societies, especially, leave much to be desired. Why, they even leave out things we desperately need.

Who Chooses what we eat?

splatWith all of our obviously and truly advanced science and technology, how can we be allowing ourselves to consume a lot of the things we consume on a regular basis? I don't think there is any one snappy answer to this profound question. But I do think that a good answer, to give a thumbnail sketch of the problem, is: our technology has outpaced our wisdom, and we have become lazy-minded and complacent. We have started allowing others who set themselves up as "experts" make our dietary and health decisions for us. More often than not, these "experts" work for the government and have less than salubrious motivations.

At least a lot of the time, we would not need the expensive and side-effect-heavy pharmaceuticals prescribed so liberally to us if we only followed some basic, elemental practices about what we bought at the grocery store. The debilitating effects of aging that really start to pile up after age 60 would not be so prominent, and certainly they would not be considered inevitable, at least not at such a relatively young age. Our lives would be longer and of greater quality.

Given the poor nutritional values of common foods today due to factors like sometimes incompetent agricultural methods, use of cheap and unhealthy ingredients, and too much processing and refinement, what should you watch out for when you are doing your grocery shopping? For the sake of spatial limitations here, I want to take a look at a list of food products that you just should not waste your money on. This is not really for the sake of your wallet, but rather for the sake of your health and your quality of life, however.

Keep in mind that at first this might be very difficult for you...especially if you are raising children.

Avoid Buying These

  • Bread. Bread is the most commonly eaten food in the entire world. Sadly, most modern bread is rubbish. Don't think so? Check the labels sometime. You might feel the compunction to go back to chemistry class before you consider buying it again. But here is a far better experiment to try:
    • for just 10 days, avoid bread and bread-related products. (Soft tortilla shells are okay.) See if it does not make a huge difference in your general health and well-being. (I want to make one note here: whole GRAIN breads and products are fine.) So, for instance, if you want a bacon cheeseburger tonight for dinner, that's fine. Make it and eat it without any bun. If you insist on bread in the future, make it sourdough, rye, or pumpernickel if not Whole Grain.

  • Soda. If you want soda, buy it STRICTLY from a health food store or grocery health food section. Sodas sold there have been made with unrefined cane sugar, and you won't find one drop of high fructose death syrup in them.

  • Lettuce. Lettuce is a filler, and a worthless one. It kills taste and offers no nutritional value of any significance. It won't kill you, but it's a complete money-waster, and it fills you up where you could be filled up with a green that actually is good for you, like spinach or turnip greens.

  • Corn-fed beef. Now, this is likely to be the hardest one of all for you to follow. Good beef is extremely healthy for you and should be in your diet. However, cattle are not supposed to eat corn. They are supposed to eat grass. Corn fed cattle are sick. Thus, they are given strong pharmaceuticals, which you consume when you consume their meat. Corn is starchy and can cause weight problems; but grass can't. Eat grass-fed beef and be strict about it. It's far more expensive than corn-fed, which is one reason why it could be so difficult for you to switch. But remember, the more something is bought en masse the lower its price becomes.

  • Pre-packaged deli meats. Have you ever paid attention to how much sodium and processing chemicals are in that junk? Unless you go to your butcher and get that deli meat made up fresh, avoid it like the plague.

  • Margarines. If it's not real butter, it's rubbish. And, it's going to kill you. Eat and cook with butter.

  • Vegetable oils. Throw out the Crisco. Use coconut, flax seed, or olive oils.

The nutritional values of common foods today are, all too often, deplorably low. This is not some conspiracy theory, and it's not crazy talk. Research more about the nutritional values of common foods and you'll get very disturbed. But there is one thing, besides starting to buy groceries more judiciously, that you can do to remedy the situation.
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