Recognizing the Nutritional Value of Vegetables 

In recent years, people have become ever more health conscious and asking about the nutritional value of vegetables, fruits and other natural foods.

Secrets of Natural Healthy Living

The reawakening of interest in natural nutrition is partly driven by increasingly strident warnings from the government and the medical profession. However, the point they make is real. Many have become complacent about their health and rely on the NHS being able to cope with the ravages that junk-food diets and sedentary lifestyles cause to their bodies. For a long time, the NHS has really been a `National Sickness Service`, rather that the health service it was intended to be by its founders.

We need nutrients for health

Human bodies require certain nutrients for good health. These nutrients are necessary for essential bodily maintenance and cleansing, right down to the cellular level, as well as to provide a source of energy. One part of a healthy diet that seems to have gone out of fashion is a sufficient variety of fresh vegetables. The government`s `Five a Day` campaign emphasises this and draws attention to the nutritional Value of vegetables . Much research has shown that vegetables should form a greater proportion of people`s diets and along with fruit probably should be the largest part. Studies seem to indicate that a sufficient variety of vegetables in a diet can reduce the risks of many increasingly common health problems such as heart ailments, various cancers, type-2 diabetes and kidney stones.

Value of Vegetables

Vegetables in sufficient quantities can form a significant part of a healthy diet`s carbohydrate requirements. They provide fibre that is essential to the healthy operation of the digestive system and a set of nutrients referred to as phytochemicals, which includes flavonoids and carotenoids and many essential trace elements.

What would grandma say?

It used to be accepted knowledge that the nutritional Value of vegetables made them an essential part of a healthy diet. Many generations of mothers and grandmothers would hammer this fact into children reluctant to finish off their greens. This has probably been the case all the way back to when our ancestors lived off the land. In those days, obtaining fresh vegetables was helped by the amount that grew wild. Latterly, they were obtainable because they were grown on small-holdings and sold in markets in towns small and large across the country. Nowadays, supermarkets have become the primary source of vegetables. The supermarkets assert that their mass-produced vegetables are as nutritious as those grown organically, but many still feel the need to take nutritional supplements as they remain to be convinced. In their defence, most supermarkets now offer organically grown vegetables as an alternative.

A final benefit apart from the nutritional Value of vegetables is the valuable effect they have on your teeth, especially when they are raw or partially raw. Eating them can both strengthen the roots of your teeth and polish them naturally. A brief glance at any available cosmetic dentistry information will show just what a benefit this can be. Vegetables are one of nature`s own health foods and should be an integral and primary part of anyone`s diet.

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