Nutritional Value Of Fruit

Although most of us enjoy it, we seldom stop to examine the nutritional value of fruit. This breif article will plug you in ...

Fruits are delicious and good for us at the very same time — an unbeatable combo! Yet, we don't usually pause to ponder the nutritional value of fruit.

Which ones give more nutrition or what selection of nutrients? Are all fruits basically the same nutritionally, or are there important differences?

If we become more aware of the nutritional value of fruit and what different fruits have to offer us, we can perhaps make ourselves even healthier — and still have that delicious fruit salad for breakfast or a dessert!

According to research, what are the most nutritious fruits?

  1. Apples. Yes, the old adage that specifically evokes the apple as the best daily medicine wasn't much of an exaggeration. Apples are complete packages of nutrients, but their most outstanding advantage is the relatively large amount of nutrient-rich dietary fiber (3 grams in the average size apple) that they give you. Dietary fiber reduces risk of heart disease and stroke, plus it is associated with clearer, healthier skin.

  2. Bananas. Called a "perfect food" by some, bananas like apples are high in dietary fiber (2 grams in the average size banana), plus they are loaded with potassium, an energizing mineral that we sorely need but which isn't easy for us to find much of in most of our foods.

  3. Blueberries. Very rich in anti-oxidants and known to reduce the risk of bladder infections. Also a known aphrodisiac for men.

  4. Apricots. These have high dosages of Vitamin A and a decent amount of dietary fiber.

  5. Blackberries. One cup of blackberries gives you a whopping 10 grams of dietary fiber.

  6. Cherries. Rich in anthocyanins and perillyl alcohol, cherries are well-known as protectors of your heart and, for men, substantially reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

  7. Pomegranates. These fight blood clots, significantly improve diastolic blood flow, and in women they reduce the risk of or hinder the advancement of breast cancer.

  8. Oranges. These are replete with Vitamin C (of course) but also folic acid. For these reasons, oranges are amazing immune system enhancers.

  9. Purple grapes. These are loaded with resveratrol, anthocyanins, and flavanoids. They fight cancer and protect your heart.

  10. Mangoes. Another amazing immune system enhancing fruit, loaded with Vitamin A.

Keeping and Serving

Another tip concerning the nutritional value of fruit: in order to get the most out of your fruits, it's best to store them someplace dry, slightly cool, and protected from direct sunlight. If they are in hotter, sunnier conditions, they will rot too fast, losing their stored nutrients as they do so. Although fruits are delicious in baked pies and are still healthy that way, they won't be as healthy as when eaten raw. However, contrary to a popular myth, dried fruits are still very nutritious. Also, juicing fruits for smoothies does not harm their nutrients at all, but clearly it does remove all or most of their dietary fiber.

The Bad News

But now for some bad news concerning the nutritional value of fruit. It's extremely difficult for most people today to consume an adequate supply of fruits, even if they do juicing. Nutritionalists tell us we are supposed to get five or six helpings every day. Who's got the time or the appetite? So, in order to make up the difference, turn to dietary supplements. A combination of supplements along with a smart maximizing of the nutritional value of fruit each day will definitely make you a healthier and more energized person.

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