Nutritional Food Supplement

Nutritional food supplement is virtually a fad which everyone gets into.  We step back and ask why we might need it and what we should look out for ...

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As in other articles, we cannot overemphasize the importance of a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, meats, fish and dairy products in the maintenance of good health. No dietary supplement has yet been invented to replace the goodness of a wide variety of foods and drinks to sustain the human mind and body through its many activities in daily life. Still, an individual may require an appropriate nutritional supplement despite a healthy diet.

Reasons for Supplementation

Each individual has a reason for adding a nutritional supplement into his diet. These reasons can fall under one of these categories although the list is incomplete in itself:

  • Special dietary needs must be met, which is not possible through a healthy diet. For example, vegetarians have diets that are deficient in the recommended daily amounts for proteins.

    This can be remedied by taking the right nutritional food supplement with special emphasis on protein content. Or in the case of pregnant women, folic acid supplementation is essential for the fetus' healthy development.

  • Athletes may require a specially formulated nutritional food supplement to enhance their performance during competitions. Bodybuilders consume protein supplements to build muscles, which must be taken in conjunction with proper weight training programs.

  • Healthy individuals also take nutritional supplements to boost their immune systems, fight antioxidants and maintain their good health. Indeed, when taken with the right mindset, supplementation can make life better, healthier and longer, too.

Precautions in Supplementation

However, before excitement for the possible benefits of nutritional supplementation take the better part of common sense, you must remember certain precautions about its usage. Keep in mind that not all natural things are always good for your mind and body. You must look at the possible risks, indeed.

For one thing, you must check with your doctor especially if you fall into one of these categories:

  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers pass on their substances consumed to their babies through the umbilical cord and the breastmilk. You must be careful as your baby may be in harm's way with the substances found in certain herbs. 

  • People with underlying medical conditions like heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes take prescribed medications that can adversely react with the ingredients in the supplements or even natural ingredients such as honey, or salt.

  • All individuals who are on medications must be careful to avoid drug interactions when taking nutritional supplements. There can be strong biological reactions that either lessen the efficacy of the prescribed drugs or lead to serious health complications.  For example citrus producers in Florida have recognized that  grapefruit juice interacts with some drugs which lower cholestoral, such as Lipitor and several other drugs.

Most important, you have to tell your doctor about whatever nutritional supplements you are taking before the surgical operation takes place. Look at the nutritional supplements information and then list down the ingredients. For example, ginkgo biloba can lead to thinner blood, which is incompatible with surgery.

In the end, even the best nutritional food supplement must be evaluated based on how well it meshes with your health goals. If you have need for it, then go for it but be sure to inform your health care provider first to avoid complications.

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