New Cancer Drugs and Their Relationship to Nutritional Supplements

New cancer drugs frequently appear, but how do they affect your need for nutritional supplements?  This article explores this topic ...

new cancer drugsArguably, the new cancer drugs that are being used in the fight against the dreaded Big C have been instrumental in the reportedly lower incidence and prevalence of the disease. These anti-cancer drugs are more aggressive, more effective and more targeted at the cancer cells that ravage the affected area, which just so happens to be virtually any part of the body.

Still Far to Go

Despite these advances in anti-cancer treatments, however, humanity still has far to go before the Big C can be conquered in its totality. The causes behind the many types of cancer, after all, are little understood by medical science although there is general consensus that genetics and environment play equal roles in cancer development. Before we can understand how to conquer cancer, we must first understand its root causes.

Fortunately, we do know how to prevent cancer such that the new cancer drugs in the market will not be part of many lives. Or at least, medical doctors have provided society with the knowledge that a healthy lifestyle characterized by proper diet, moderate exercise, sufficient rest on one hand and the avoidance of cigarettes, alcohol and toxic substances on the other hand significantly lessens the risk for cancers.

Growing Body of Evidence

Also, a growing body of scientific evidence in favor of nutritional supplementation is pointing to another possible way for cancer prevention. Or in the case of people already afflicted with cancer, a way to strengthen the body during and after the cancer treatments appears to have been found and it lies in dietary supplements. Of course, the new cancer drugs will still be used during treatment with the nutritional vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplements serving as adjunct treatment.

It is high time, indeed, that the role of nutritional supplements in the prevention and treatment of the different types of cancer be recognized by the medical community. This time, it is not just anecdotal evidence on the side of this alternative treatment but scientific proof as well.

Benefits to Cancer Treatment

Nutritional supplements are believed to provide the body with the necessary nutrients to fight the growth of the cancer cells in many ways. Mainly, the body's immune system appears to have better capabilities to resist metastasis although this assertion still requires more scientific studies into the matter. Besides, we all know how a healthy diet with fresh foods and supplements can prevent many types of cancer.

In patients, the new cancer drugs can be complemented with the nutritional supplement but only under the expert guidance of the oncologist. Keep in mind that there are otherwise beneficial vitamins and minerals that can lessen the efficacy of the cancer drugs, which defeats the purpose of mainstream and alternative therapies working together.

The requirements for cancer patients on aggressive therapies will understandably vary from those in remission. It is, thus, critical that the patient discusses the nutritional supplements information for each nutrient to determine the exact dosage necessary for optimal results. Other factors like age, physical condition and lifestyle must also be considered in cancer patients before supplementation can commence.

In the end, the new cancer drugs can be highly effective against the Big C. But these drugs can surely get a little help from nutritional supplements.

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