Natural Testosterone Supplements

Natural Testosterone Supplements may also be of interest to women under certain conditions ...

natural testosterone supplementsFor many outside of the medical community, natural testosterone supplements are the exclusive domain of the men. After all, men have testosterone in their bodies in excess, so to speak, which give them their characteristic male physical traits and sex drive.

It's In Women, Too

However, women have testosterone, too! The levels of testosterone in women are considerably lower than that found in the male of the species since estrogen is the more dominant hormone in females. Still, the acknowledged fact is that women manufacture testosterone in small amounts in their ovaries and adrenal glands.

Studies have also shown that testosterone levels in a woman are highest at the age of 20 and then slowly declines. By the time she is in her forties, it will only be half as high. It is still a debated issue just how much of a role testosterone plays in a woman's libido.

Reasons for Supplementation

Indeed, you will observe that most women taking supplements for testosterone are in their middle age. This is because supplementation is necessary to boost flagging testosterone production in a woman's body. The results can be impressive in these instances:

  • The woman's ovaries were removed, which caused a sudden loss of interest and satisfaction in sexual intercourse

  • The woman has a low sex drive and satisfaction, which do not appear to be caused by medicine, relationship issues and other stress-related difficulties

  • The woman has health issues with the adrenal system and pituitary gland such as the case in hypopituitarism

Of course, natural testosterone supplements are most popular for women undergoing hormone replacement therapy to counteract the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. The assumption is that estrogen hormone therapy was unable to produce the desired results.

Keep in mind that doctor supervision is necessary to ensure that you are getting what your body needs. For natural testosterone oral supplements, you want to look at the nutritional supplementation information label to ensure that you are neither getting too little nor too much of the hormone.

Precautions in Use

Yes, natural testosterone supplements are easily available as over-the-counter preparations. But this does not mean that just about every woman - or every man, for that matter, who want to boost his sex drive - should avail of the supplement. This is because the hormone can adversely affect underlying health conditions, thus, the following women are highly advised against taking said supplements:

  • Pregnant women as the testosterone can wreck havoc on a female fetus' development in the sense that male traits can be made dominant

  • With uterine or breast cancer

  • Have heart diseases and high cholesterol levels

  • With liver disease

  • With regular monthly periods (no menopause symptoms yet)

Just like other health supplements, the natural testosterone supplements are effective if and when used properly. But even when you are doing just as the doctor or the manufacturer said you should be doing with the supplements, there's still no substitute for a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy outlook in life. Take the supplements, yes, but be sure to be as healthy as possible.

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