Looking to China for Natural Sinus Remedies

Natural sinus remedies are a safe and effective way to reduce inflammation and discomfort often associated with sinus related illness. ...

 Allergies, flu and common colds are all sources of sinus pain and over the counter medications tend to dry out nasal passages which can lead to nose bleeds and even more discomfort. If you are tired of riding the nasal roller coaster, natural remedies may be just what you are looking for.

happy medNatural remedies from China are based on thousands of years of homeopathic and alternative solutions. Many of the most effective Chinese remedies have survived over centuries because they work better than any other remedy available then or now.

One of the most basic natural remedies is the nose rub. According to Chinese herbal medicine, rubbing the tip of the nose 15 to 20 times in one direction with the palm of the hand and then repeating the rubs in the opposite direction will relieve and prevent sinus pressure and pain.

Acupressure of the hand can also be used as one of the more effective sinus remedies. Using the thumb and forefinger, apply pressure on the skin webbing between the thumb and forefinger on the opposite hand. Hold the pinch for one to two minutes and then repeat on the opposite side.

Garlic and green onions are commonly used in Chinese natural sinus remedies to cure sinus pressure and pain. Green onion stalks should be mashed to extract the juice. After blowing the nose and cleaning out the sinus cavity, a cotton ball soaked in onion juice can be inserted into each nostril before bed. Alternatively, drop created from pressed garlic and water can be placed in the nose for the same effect.

Mints and mint oils are commonly used to open sinus passageways and loosen mucus build-up in the nose. These can be added to boiling water and inhaled or mixed with Vaseline and applied under the nose. The more mint essence used, the brighter the smell and more effective the natural remedy.

Supplements may also play a significant part in the recovery process. Chinese medicine does not commonly associate supplements with natural sinus remedies, but as homeopathy progresses, their use is becoming more common. Supplements like Osha Root are used as an anti-viral agent for lung and sinus infection. Wild cherry bark, goldenseal root and boneset herbs are also commonly used.

Several prepackaged natural sinus remedies can be found in retail stores, vitamin shops and pharmacies. These supplements are offered in capsule, tablet, tincture and tea form. Each of the prepackaged supplements will commonly include vitamins A and C to boost natural immunity to fight off sinus illness.

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