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natural remedies for heartburnHeartburn affects about a quarter of the population at least once a week although many will suffer from it frequently. Regardless of which category you belong to, you will want to know, understand and adopt the natural remedies for heartburn. Keep in mind that, when left untreated, heartburn can deteriorate into gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) with more serious symptoms of chest pain, sore throat and regurgitation of the food.

The following natural remedies are designed to treat the stomach condition over a period of weeks and months. You will experience immediate relief, of course, but you must see these natural remedies as a long-term solution to heartburn management instead of being a one-shot solution. You have the over-the-counter and doctor-prescribed medications for that purpose.

Diet and Lifestyle

The first and foremost natural remedies for heartburn focus on the appropriate diet and lifestyle habits. Even the most scientifically proven herbs and medications will be of little to no use if and when your diet and lifestyle is heartburn-friendly (read: heartburn symptoms quickly develop as soon as the medication is removed). Besides, you want to maintain the gains of the healthy diet and lifestyle habits previously adopted lest heartburn rears its ugly head again.

First, you must avoid the foods that trigger heartburn. These include acidic foods like tomatoes, raw onions and garlic; spicy foods like peppermint, spearmint and black pepper; citrus foods like oranges, mandarins and lemons; caffeinated and carbonated food like coffee, chocolate and soda; fatty foods like meats; and alcoholic beverages in whatever percentage of concentration. If you are taking herbal supplements, it pays to look at the nutritional supplements information to rule out any heartburn-causing ingredients. All other foods in a healthy diet are recommended.

Diet-related natural remedies for heartburn also include avoidance of going to bed immediately after eating as it can make the gastric acid go up the esophagus. Your portion sizes should be smaller so that the stomach can handle digestion better.

Your lifestyle will also come under scrutiny. Even moderate levels of stress can precipitate heartburn symptoms so it is important to manage your stress through meditation, yoga and positive thinking as well as sufficient hours for rest and recreation. If you smoke, you must stop this bad habit.

Herbs and Foods

These diet and lifestyle-related natural remedies for heartburn will be more effective when herbal ways are combined. We suggest asking your doctor's opinion about these herbal remedies as many can actually exacerbate the symptoms of underlying medical conditions aside from your present heartburn.

  • Aloe vera juice, about 1/4 cup 20 minutes before meals, soothes the irritated esophagus.

  • Slippery elm soothes sore throat, a common symptom of heartburn.

  • Marshmallow root tea also soothes the esophageal lining. Be sure to ask your doctor about it if you have diabetes as its side effects include low sugar blood levels.

  • Baking soda may not technically be an herb but it is a well-known home remedy for heartburn.

  • Bananas in their fresh and dried forms act as a natural antacid.

  • Chamomile tea relieves stress and neutralizes stomach acid.

Indeed, these natural remedies for heartburn are so affordable, safe and effective that there is no valid reason to reject them.

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