Natural Flu Remedies That Work Better Than Store Brands

Every flu season, retail stores and pharmacies fill with people looking for natural flu remedies to rid the aches, pains and symptoms associated with the flu. This article will help you through that maze...

flowerNatural remedies are becoming more popular, but many stores still refuse to carry herbal, or natural remedies due to the low demand. Over the counter medications often work to rid the symptoms rather than the flu which can leave you feeling sicker, longer.

Get out the water

The first line of defense against flu symptoms is water. Mucus tends to dry out in the nose and lungs when dehydration occurs. When the flu hits, drinking and eating are often placed on the back burner to sleep. Without sufficient water intake, coughs may worsen and productive coughs which provide some relief for the lungs may turn into unproductive nightmares.

Drinking bottled or tap water is a great start, but warm liquids tend to break down mucus associated with flu symptoms much faster. Natural flu remedies often include herbal teas and soup liquids for just this reason. If nasal passages are stuffed, breathing steam in through the nose can also help to loosen phlegm.

From the outside in

Many of the same herbs used in herbal teas can be added to boiling water used to clear nasal passages and lungs. Mint is one of the most common, but eucalyptus may be a bit more effective. Thyme, rosemary and peppermint leaves are all perfect additions to boiling steam baths.

Playing double duty is the hot bath or shower. Steam from the bath or shower can help to relieve dryness in the nasal passages and loosen mucus. Warm water will work, at the same time, to relieve muscle and joint pain often associated with the flu.

Natural flu remedies can also be chosen in supplement form. Supplements tend to take a bit longer to work than herbal teas, soup broth and minted steam baths, but may provide relief these topical natural flu remedies cannot.

Vitamin C is the most widely used and respected supplement for fighting off and preventing illness. As much as 3,000 mg of vitamin C can be taken throughout the day with very little ill effect. The only known side effect is some gastrointestinal discomfort if the body is not used to higher doses of this acidic vitamin.

Other supplements that may improve immunity and reduce recovery time from the flu include vitamin A, zinc and selenium. Many over the counter flu remedies will include these supplements instead of chemical based medications.

Supplementing additional vitamins and nutrients is always a great idea for overall body health. Eating spinach, carrots and strawberries is a perfect choice whether you are looking for healthy changes or natural flu remedies.

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