A Natural Flea Remedy You Can Use At Home

Dealing with fleas can be simple and natural and need not use chemical based formulas if you use a natural flea remedy. We tell you how...

fleaDid you know that one single female flea has the ability to lay more than 20,000 eggs? This means it takes only a couple of fleas to create a massive infestation.

When you have children or sensitive animals  in the home, chemical flea treatments can cause create health problems in addition to  the time it takes to "bomb" the entire home in hopes of catching every single flea. A natural flea remedy is a quick and easy solution to your flea problem.


The best way of keeping fleas out of the home is prevention. To hit the ground running with prevention tactics, start with garlic.

Add garlic to every meal  your dog or cat eats and it causes an unsuitable atmosphere for fleas on the skin. The garlic oils slowly release with sweat and natural oils and fleas just don't like garlic. Sulfur can also be added to their diet once a week to maintain a flea free coat and home.

When it's too late...

If you suspect your pet is infested with fleas, take a moment to verify your suspicions. Use a damp paper towel to gently rub the tummy and high quarter skin. If you see small black spots on the surface of the skin dissolve into red, blood spots on the towel, fleas are present. Bathing the pet is the first step in ridding the skin and coat of fleas.

Herbal shampoos are a natural flea remedy just as effective as any chemical shampoo. The idea is to use herbs that fleas tend to hate and therefore make the skin less appealing to the fleas. Herbs like pine, cedar, bergamot, rosemary and lavender work wonders for flea infestations. Other herbs that also work well include eucalyptus, citronella and juniper.

When bathing the your pet, make sure to lather a ring around the neck before applying water to the rest of the coat. When the coat is wet, fleas will run straight for the head of the animal. If your herbal flea remedy is applied to the neck before wetting the coat, fleas will hit a barrier of death when they try to run for cover.

Treating your Home

After your pet has been bathed and is now flea free, it is time to treat the home. A natural flea remedy for home use needs to be safe for both animals and humans.

One of the best solutions is natural eucalyptus oil.

  1. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of oil into 8 ounces of water.
  2. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and cover the furniture, carpet and edge of the rooms where the floor meets the wall.
The spray will dry immediately and kill any fleas that come in contact with the oil. This is also a great prevention technique.

Ridding the home and your pets of fleas does not have to be a chemical nightmare. A natural flea remedy is safe for humans and animals alike and are just as effective as over the counter flea medications, sprays and bombs.

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