Natural Cough Remedies That Really Work

Natural cough remedies are easy to find and easy to use.  They're also surprisingly effective ...

Anyone can use homeopathic cough remedies to treat that stubborn cough. Children and adults alike tend to be over medicated with over the counter cough syrups and prescription cough medications.
Nature provides all the ingredients needed to solve the most stubborn cough once and for all.

Treat two kind of coughs

splashNatural cough remedies are available for both types of cough - productive and unproductive.

A productive cough works to remove any congestion that may have settled in the lungs due to allergies or colds. These coughs often sound very loose with sputum sometimes moving into the mouth from the lungs. Unproductive coughs may have a higher pitch with no sputum or phlegm.

One of the most effective natural remedies works for both the unproductive and productive coughs. Elecampane is an herb that can be grown in the home.

How to  Prepare Elecampane

Once the plant has grown to full size, the roots can be used to make natural cough remedies. After pulling up the roots of the plant, cut them into small pieces. Rinse the pieces with cool water and place in a jar. Fill the jar with honey and allow to sit for a couple of days in the refrigerator. Turn the jar over twice a day to mix the root with the honey.

To Use

When coughing start, eat a teaspoon of the honey. The thick texture will coat the throat and stop the irritation causing the cough. The roots should be chewed for a few moments and spit out. Elecampane roots work as a cough suppressant and expectorant so loose coughs become more productive and unproductive coughs are quieted.

Elecampane root can also be brewed into a tea for additional relief. Simmering dried root in water for 20 minutes creates a tea for all types of coughs. The tea can be sweetened with honey or natural sugar and lemon. Before consuming the tea it is important to strain out all the leftover root from the water.


If Elecampane root is nowhere to be found, eucalyptus and mint leaves can be used to create natural cough remedies. Adding the leaves to boiling water creates a mint steam that will help subside a cough. Pour the boiling water into a bowl and inhale the steam until the water cools. This method can be used multiple times a day to relieve the worst coughs. For added minty relief, eucalyptus oil can be added to Vaseline. After mixing the two together, place a small dab beneath the nose and a bit on the chest. The natural mint vapors will ease cough and promote healing naturally.

When the body is allowed to fight off infection and cold without the help of prescription or over the counter medications, the immune system becomes more capable of fighting off future illnesses. Natural cough remedies provide quick and easy solutions that allow the body to work its own healing magic.

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