Miracle Mineral Supplement, Does it Really Work?

If you've been hearing the excitement about a Miracle Mineral Supplement you may be wondering if it's something you should be using ...

miracle mineral supplementLife expectancy has gone up around the world, which has created an increased desire to stay strong and healthy longer. People are enjoying a successful working life well into their sixties; this shift in life conditions has led to an increased awareness about health and has given rise to the flourishing fitness and health products industry.

While there are several reputable establishments that offer high quality supplements backed by through clinical trials, there is no dearth of fly by night operators either. It is common to see a new product being introduced every few days in to the health & fitness industry. One such product is called the Miracle Mineral Supplement.

While there appear to be numerous people who vouch for the benefits of this product, physicians are suspicious of the supplement which claims to be a panacea (cure-it-all type of medication). So, here is an endeavor to separate the fact from fiction about the miracle mineral supplement.

What is the miracle mineral supplement?

The miracle mineral supplement is a product sold over the internet; it comprises of an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide in distilled water and a bottle of citric acid solution. When combined the chemical reaction produces a strong bleach, which according to the maker of the product helps to eliminate the pathogens in the body.

The discovery of Jim Humble, a man without any form of formal medical or pharmacy education, the product has attracted some very strong negative as well as positive reviews. While the medical fraternity is strictly opposed to the idea of using this product, the maker of the supplement claims that it can actually help to cure ailments such as cancer, TB, HIV, malaria and others.

Doctors are of the opinion that the diseases that the product claims to cure vary greatly in terms of their pathology. While malaria and HIV are viral infections, cancer is an autoimmune disorder, so, they contend that no one product can address all these conditions.

Then, there are the users of these products some of who claim to have benefited from the use of the miracle mineral solution. However, the medical community asserts that prolonged exposure to sodium chloride and even chlorine dioxide can prove detrimental to health causing serious vision and pulmonary concerns. It may also damage the digestive system and cause internal bleeding.

Are there alternatives to the miracle mineral supplement in the market?

James Humble has also introduced MMS2, a slightly different version of the product that contains swimming pool chlorine, which, doctors warn,  is equally harmful.

The product contains sodium chlorite (28% concentration) which is an industrial strength water purifier. Once again, the product is comprised of an aqueous solution of sodium chlorite and citric acid that have to be mixed to produce chlorine dioxide in the system.

By Humble's own admission, the solution works just the way it would in the municipal water circulation system with the sole difference that this time it is trying to eliminate the pathogens in the body. He also accepts that frequent nausea is a side effect of the product.

What is the problem with the miracle mineral supplement?

The primary concern of medical authorities about this product is the harm the use of these chemicals could produce to the body. Also, they  maintain that there are no clinical trials backing the product. They general consensus of the medical community is that continuous usage of MMS can cause several chronic and acute ailments including respiratory failure. These sentiments are reiterated by the food and drug administrations of several countries including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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