Herbal Menopause Natural Treatment Solutions

Have you wondered about natural alternative treatments to deal with menopause?  You may find some answers below ...

Menopause is marked by the end of menses and the start of a new life without a consistent source of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These hormones are responsible for more than just a woman’s reproductive abilities. They are responsible for mood stabilization, heat stabilization and sex drive to name a few. After menopause, whether natural or surgical, women are faced with the choice of restoring hormone levels with prescription medications or natural herbal remedies.

More and more women are choosing to leave prescription hormone replacement therapies behind for a more natural approach to hormone replenishment. The aim of menopause natural treatment is to reduce the effects of the lower hormone levels. The most commonly used herbs for menopause natural treatment include black cohosh, dong quai, maca root, wild yam and red clover.

Other natural treatments include soy foods, flaxseed, vitamin E, B Vitamins and evening primrose oil. Each of these natural remedies aims to reduce a specific symptom of menopause with many focusing on boosting energy and mood. Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet rich in calcium can also provide natural support after menopause.

Exercise is one of the most important menopause natural treatments. With the loss of the female hormone set, bone density will soon start to decline. Many doctors choose to support prescription estrogen replacement because it can boost bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Exercise has the same effect on the bones. Weight bearing exercises like weight training are the most effective at building bone density.

The male hormone testosterone is also present in the female body. After menopause, the adrenal glands should continue to produce some testosterone, but this may not be enough to maintain a healthy sexual desire. Natural methods of boosting testosterone include maintaining a diet with 30% fat intake, increase intake of omega fatty acids and add nettle root or passionflower to your herbal routine.

Natural Treatment and the Medical Community

The medical community is known to disapprove of many natural alternative treatments and the same was said for menopause treatment. When medical research began to show a negative side to prescription hormone replacement therapies, however, many physicians chose to remove their patients from prescription estrogens and educate them on the power of natural treatment for menopause.

Menopause is not a medical condition that causes harm to the body. Similar to the common cold, it is a collect of symptoms that many women wish to reduce as much as possible. The most common recurring symptoms of menopause include feelings of sadness, hot flashes and menopause headaches. Natural remedies are very effective at minimizing these symptoms to the point of non-existence – in most cases.

The History and Efficacy of Natural Treatments

Natural menopause treatments have been used for hundreds and thousands of years with great success. Today, the most effective natural treatment can be consumed in the form of an herbal supplement created just for women who have passed into menopause. These supplements are often marketed as natural hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The herbs can be combined with vitamins and minerals and taken as a daily supplement or as a standalone product in addition to a daily vitamin.

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