McDonald's Nutritional Information

McDonald's nutritional information focuses on the most successful restaurant chain the world has ever known ...

mcdonaldsMcDonald's: the most successful chain restaurant in history. The sun never sets on the golden arches. Billions served. Yet, how often do you think about getting their nutritional information? Since it is very likely that you will be going to McDonald's again in your lifetime, it's important that you know what you'll be eating.

Now, let's not take this the wrong way. We aren't going to go all "Supersize Me" here (in case you don't know, that was one bogus movie). But we do want to think about McDonald's nutritional information so that we can be informed consumers ... and stay healthy.

For starters, what are the most popular McDonald's foods? Well, some of those answers probably seem obvious — and they are. But they have success with some foods that you probably don't think of right away.

10. McGriddles breakfast sandwich. McDonald's has long had jillions of breakfast customers, and those guys love the pancakes and sausage or pancakes and eggs combo. Problem is, you can't eat that on the road in your car. So, the 21st century brought us the McGriddle — two pancakes laced with syrup (rather than syrup poured over), with a slab of sausage and possibly egg and cheese between them. Voila! This thing sounds crazy, but it sells big time.

9. Double cheeseburger. It's a "Dollar Millionaire" beefy bargain.

8. Premium salads. People like to know they can make healthy choices even at Micky Dee's.

7. Chicken McNuggets. The delicious burger-alternative. Gotta love that sweet n sour sauce!

6. Apple pie/apple Dippers. It may surprise you, but McDonald's sells more apples in total than it does chicken McNuggets! The Dippers are the more recent healthier selection over the pies.

5. Egg McMuffin. The biggest selling breakfast sandwich of all time.

4. Happy Meals for Kids. Colorful packaging and toys make kids happy indeed. These account for a staggering 20% of the restaurant's business.

3. Snack Wrap. McDonald's crispy-or-grilled-chicken answer to Taco Bell has been wildly successful.

2. Big Mac. No...really?

1. French fries. I just have to admit it: no matter what you think of their nutritional value, NOBODY does french fries like McDonald's. But, believe it or not, the restaurant has actually been making their fries gradually healthier and more healthy for you since 1980 ... but somehow, that tasty french fry magic that only they know how to do so well has survived intact.

The Basics

Now, what are some of the basics of McDonald's nutritional information about these huge-selling products?

  • Well, the McGriddles give you a fair amount of sugar, but both  breakfast products listed also come with tons of sodium.

  • The McNuggets, usually eaten along with french fries and dipping sauce, give you hardly any sugar at all, but the sodium content is through the roof.

  • Surprisingly, while you can imagine that the apple pies (baked now, but before 1992 they were fried) and the Dippers would give you a lot of sugar, they are relatively low in total sugars, so they are not a bad choice if you are concerned about weight issues.

  • The french fries by themselves give you plenty of sodium and carbs, but actually not as much as you might think since they are no longer cooked in beef tallow.

  • Some of the salads are loaded with sodium because of the meat.

  • No surprise here: the Big Mac absolutely pummels you with sodium and carbs.

  • The grilled chicken used in the Snack Wraps is surprisingly high in sodium, too.

  • The Happy Meals will give kids plenty of sodium, carbs,and sugar (since they usually get a soda with them).

So, what have we learned from this  foray into nutritional information about McDonald's? As for me, I've learned that their biggest selling items are somewhat healthier than I anticipated ... but the amounts of sodium are appalling!

But you should also see that the basic nutrients you'll get at McDonald's aren't sufficient on their own for your good health. You will need to get your vitamin and mineral supplements, too. McDonald's doesn't sell those but who knows, maybe one day we'll be able to order a tasty McSupplement!  In the meantime you're going to have to bring your own, and a good choice might be Xtend Life's Total Balance.

If you choose to eat there, don't feel guilty — enjoy yourself. But do mind the sodium and the carbs!

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