List of Essential Amino Acids


When you come to think of it, the list of essential amino acids holds no meaning for most people. It is, after all, just an enumeration of scientific terms that have no discernible impact on daily life. Or is that true?

Definition of Amino Acids

Well, once you know just how important essential amino acids are for the maintenance of health in the body, you will take a greater level of interest in them. Indeed, bodybuilders are extraordinarily interested in essential amino acids with many of them possessing knowledge about the subject that belies their brawn.

Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the human body and, thus, must be supplied by the diet. This is unlike non-essential amino acids that can be produced by the body in sufficient quantities and, thus, require little to no supplementation from foods. The term "essential" then refers to the body's natural ability for production instead of the importance of the amino acids to health.

In conclusion, when you see a list of essential amino acids, you have a guide as to which nutrients to acquire from a healthy diet. You may even come upon a list detailing the specific function of each essential amino acid!

Function of Amino Acids

Well, since we are on topic, here are brief descriptions of the functions of each amino acid.

  • Isoleucine is necessary in the regulation of sugar and energy levels as well as in hemoglobin formation.

  • Leucine plays a critical role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

  • Lysine has many functions including the formation of muscles and bones through the assimilation of calcium, in the improvement of mental concentration and in hormone production.

  • Methionine assists in the removal of poison wastes as well as in the formation of the kidney and liver tissues.

  • Phenylalanine combats the symptoms of depression, memory loss and obesity. In the list of essential amino acids, it has more functions than any of its kind.

  • Tryptophan is useful in controlling the symptoms of stress and hyperactivity. If you want to lose weight, this is the amino acid that you must look for in the nutritional supplements information of the product.

  • Threonine is important in collagen and elastin formation.

  • Valine helps in the maintenance of the muscles as well as in the repair of tissues.

Most of the time, these amino acids are combined in a single supplement so it's easy to acquire all of them in just one pop. You will see the list of essential amino acids on these health food products.

Recommended Daily Dosage

Amino acids can be found in protein-rich foods like animal-based products (meat, fishes and organs). You may want to take supplements especially when you are on a strict vegetarian diet. In general, the following are the recommended doses as expressed in microgram per kilogram of body weight:

  • Isoleucine 20

  • Leucine 39

  • Lysine 30

  • Methionine 15

  • Phenylalanine 25

  • Threonine 15

  • Tryptophan 4

  • Valine 26

But beyond knowing the list of essential amino acids, you must know how to actually use it to make yourself healthier. So, get those foods and supplements now with the knowledge that every bite and pop you take provides for more amino acids for your body.

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