Using Vitamins To Destroy Herpes

If you are one of the many people affected by herpes  you'll want to know about the research that's been done to determine the causes and effect of this painful pest...

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Vitamins provide relief from herpes

Are you one of the many people affected by the herpes virus? If so, no doubt you'll want to know about the research that's been done to determine the causes and effect of herpes. You'll also want to know of the vitamins and supplement treatments which are available today to provide relief from outbreaks and lessen the severity of future attacks.

It's clear that a weak immune system is the most prevalent contributing factor in herpes outbreaks. Although your body's immune system is supposed to work to fight off infections and viruses, there are times when it is weak and does not do its job properly.

Two types of Herpes

We know that the herpes virus can remain dormant in your body for long periods of time then, when it is triggered virus becomes active and you may have an outbreak, possibly in the form of cold sores or genital herpes which, medically are classified as herpes virus 1 and  herpes virus 2, respectively.

Now active, herpes makes your immune system weaker because the body is working to fight off the virus. To make things worse you can be more vulnerable to other infections and diseases. If your immune system is stron and healthy your body could not only lessen the severity and frequency of herpes attes but also fight the herpes virus to prevent outbreaks or minimize their occurrence.  This is why you want to boost your immune system

Natural Supplements for Herpes

Vitamins supplements, are a simple any easy way of boosting your immune system so that you can minimize trips to the doctor and pharmacy for frequent herpes outbreaks.  

Look for the natural multivitamins which blend those ingredients that boost your. Three specific ingredients which have demonstrated value in herpes treatment are astragalus, lemon balm, and garlic.

Other elemets frequently used in the treatment of herpes or in strengthening the immune system include acidophilus, colloidal silver, echinacea, essential fatty acids, L-Lysine, olive leaf, spirulina, tea tree oil, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and zinc.

The Solution

If herpes is a special concern of yours, it's important to choose the right blend for your body and for your needs. You'll discover that some suplements will work well with herpes virus 1 while a different combination will be better suited if herpes virus 2 is involved. Since many supplements contain a blend of multiple ingredients and herbs you'll want to check labels to learn which ingredients are included and  consult with your doctor if you  are  already taking other medications or are being treated for other health conditions.  If you discover a natural supplement you wish to try be sure to let your doctor know what you wish to try and what ingredients are involved.

It's not likely that vitamins and supplements will completely cure herpes but they will certainly play an essential role and can make living with herpes much easier.

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