Health Nutritional Supplements - The Top 5

We look at the top five nutritional supplements in popular use for good health and a good life...

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Nowadays, health nutritional supplements continue to be popular especially with the increased awareness among people about the importance of good health for a good life. Each health product usually has specific benefits depending on its ingredients, form of delivery and dosage recommendations, which makes reading of the nutritional supplements information contained in the label all the more important in choosing the right product.

Before we discuss the top five nutritional supplements in generic terms - no brand names will be mentioned here - we have to emphasize an important reminder that many people still fail to understand. Nutritional supplements in any form (liquid or solid), any type (fat or water-soluble) and offering any kind of benefit (healthy body, sound mind or anti-aging) are just that - supplements added to a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle program, no more, no less.

Sports Nutrition Supplements

First on the list of the top five health nutritional supplements is the general category of the sports nutrition (at Amazon) supplements, which include weight loss and sports performance pills for obvious reasons. You will find tablets, powders, formulas and drinks for hydration, nutrition and enhancement of physical performance with substances like amino acids, creatine, protein and fat burners. Many of these supplements also contain caffeine, a stimulant, to provide the individual a slight edge in competition.


Americans are on a diet that provides for woefully insufficient amounts of calcium, which performs many functions in the body aside from stronger bones and healthier joints. We always recommend getting your calcium from natural food sources like dairy products, dark leafy green vegetables, beans, soybeans, raisins and fish instead of health nutritional supplements. But if you must take calcium supplements, the best forms are the citrate and lactate ones since these are better absorbed by the body. See: Calcium (at Amazon)

B vitamins

This is one group of vitamins that many healthy individuals with a healthy diet can skip on supplementation but still resorts to it in the mistaken belief that the more B vitamins, the better. But there is such a thing as vitamin overdose and B vitamins are no exception. The people who will benefit the most from B vitamin supplementation are older persons as well as people who have underlying medical conditions or who are taking medications that affect absorption into the body. See (B Vitamins at

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

With millions of people suffering from mild to severe joint pain, it's no wonder that glucosamine and chondroitin are highly popular health nutritional supplements. After all, healthy joints are essential in living a healthy life especially where the exercise part is concerned. Keep in mind, however, that not all people will benefit from the combination so ask your doctor about it. See's listings.

Fish Oil

Another nutritional supplement high on the list of many people is fish oil. But you must not take it unless your doctor prescribed it as there are side effects that will do more harm than the good fish oil can do. When taken properly, fish oil supplement provides cardiovascular protective benefits because of the onega-3 content.

In the end, the above mentioned health nutritional supplements boost your body's ability to absorb nutrients that may not be available from a healthy diet or may not be absorbed effectively for other reasons. But be careful in using these products as even a good thing can lead to bad effects when abused.

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