Health and Nutritional Supplement

Health and Nutritional Supplement ... are they complemetary or not?  We examine the issue...

For many people, the terms good health and nutritional supplement are synonymous in many ways. This can be true in numerous cases mainly in the prevention of certain health issues and in the maintenance of overall health. The most important thing to remember with the use of nutritional supplements for health purposes is that these products are just supplements to the main things for good health in mind and body - healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, of course.

Health Benefits of Supplementation

With that said, we can proceed to the discussion of the relationship between good health and using nutritional supplements. We recommend taking nutritional supplements if and when you belong to one of the following categories since jumping on the bandwagon of these health-related products can be to your detriment.

Secrets of Natural Healthy Living

First, nutritional supplements are formulated to address the issue of nutritional deficiencies. A healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, dairy products, fatty fishes, lean meats, nuts and seeds is sufficient for relatively healthy individuals. But there are cases when nutritional supplementation is essential. These cases include:

  • Pregnant women who are advised to take supplements like folic acid to address the increased demands for good nutrition especially in the prevention of certain birth defects such as neural tube abnormalities.

  • Vegetarians and other individuals on a special diet that excludes certain important foods from the daily menu. For example, vegetarians may require protein supplementation as their diet lacks meat, which is the riches source for the macronutrient.

  • People with underlying medical conditions can benefit from nutritional supplements. For example, osteoarthritis patients are advised to take calcium supplements to strengthen their bones against further damage.

Second, the health and nutritional supplement relationship is also evident in individuals who take the latter to boost their immune systems, detoxify their bodies of toxins, and lessen the risks for certain chronic degenerative diseases. For example, you can take nutritional supplements with megadoses of antioxidants like Vitamin C and E to fight the signs of aging.

When you come to think of it, we have benefited from the years of research conducted about macro and micronutrients. We are better able to choose which of the numerous nutritional supplements are best for addressing our health goals.

Health Factors to Consider

However, if you want to take the best advantage of the relationship between good health and nutritional supplement use, we suggest choosing the supplements based on your personal needs, condition and goals. Keep in mind that we may share the same physiological anatomy but each body is different from the next by virtue of birth and environmental factors.

When reading the nutritional supplements information of the products being considered, you must take into account personal factors like your age, present physical condition and state of health, gender, genetic history, location where you live, underlying medical diseases, lifestyle habits including diet and exercise requirements.

If you believe that these health factors may be too much to consider for an average consumer, we always suggest seeking your doctor's opinion on the matter first. Even the most beneficial vitamin or mineral in other people may not sit well with your physical condition because of drug interactions. Furthermore, your doctor can further explain the health and nutritional supplement relationship in your particular case.

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