Health Benefits of Green Tea and its Extracts

Have a headache? Depressed? Or diagnosed with cancer? Here's the Health Benefits of Green tea!

The Chinese have long believed that it is a panacea for several ailments. They have enthusiastically extolled the health benefits of green tea for the last four thousand years and have eulogized about it for a variety of ailments. Modern discoveries on its properties have confirmed that it is indeed a medicine for the treatment of several kinds of maladies -- be it, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infection or impaired immune function. The list is growing longer by the day!

Like black tea, it is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant said to have been discovered by the Emperor Shennong 4700 years ago in China. While the leaves of the plant are fermented to create black tea, the leaves of this plant are steamed to produce Green tea. The steaming process prevents the epigallocatechin gallate compound (EGCG) from oxidizing and destroying the beneficial effect of the components of this amazing tea.

Researchers have noted that like cacao it contains a class of polyphenols called catechins, which consist mainly of EGCG, epicatechin gallate and gallocatechin gallate. Catechins have been reported to have various physiological and pharmacological properties over the years.

Green tea has been found to prevent tooth decay

Several studies have revealed that ingesting green tea has proved to be an effective method of lowering LDL cholesterol levels and preventing blood clots. The benefits to dieters that are being widely talked about  includes speeding up the burning of calories in the body and reducing weight. Dentists recommend it as it has been found to prevent tooth decay and kills bacteria that cause plaque. Many skin products are being recognized and a large number of skin care products are being marketed today.

The supplements -- containing pollyphenols and catechins from Camellia Sinensis -- allow the body absorb more antioxidants into the blood stream. The biochemical changes in the body induced by the supplement extracts over a period of time include up-regulation of muscular beta-oxidation, improved endurance capacity,  and increased levels of health and energy. One of the notable health benefits of Green tea Extracts is seen in uptake in fatty acid and stimulation of lipid metabolism in the muscles, inhibition of cancer cells and blood coagulation.

If you haven't tried it before, perhaps now you have some good reasons to add green tea to your regular beverage list.

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