Gotu Kola Herb Effects

Gotu kola herb effects have been known to traditional healers in Asia for ages.  We bring you up to date in this article ...

gotu kolaGotu kola herb (scientifc name: Centella asiatica) contains two important compounds called bacoside A and bacoside B which provide benefits which herbalists refer to as adaptogenic.

It is due to these benefits that Gotu kola is now included in some premier dietary supplements such as XetendLife's Neuro Natural Recall.

What is an adaptogen?

 The lable adaptogen is applied to a substance which increases the body’s ability to deal with stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue. As an adaptogenic herb, the gotu kola herb effects not only include greater energy but also decreased levels of anxiety and  nervousness.

Adaptogens have had other names over the years, including tonics, rejuvenating herbs and restoratives. Dr. Nikolai Lazarev chose this word --adaptogen--in the 1940’s, because he felt that herbs and other plants which were described in this way assisted the body to “adapt” to situations which caused stress.

For long ages, before the plant had been subjected to chemical evaluation, traditional healers throughout Asia saw the gotu kola herb effects which resulted in improved healing of wounds . Later, scientific research revealed that the plant displayed definite antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the late 1960’s, Israel I. Brekhman, PhD and Dr. I.V. Dardymov expanded the definition of adaptogens. They determined, that to be classified as an adaptogen, an herb must:

  • be non-toxic at normal doses,
  • safe for long term use,
  • aid the natural defense systems of the body
  • and have a normalizing effect on human physiology.

In numerous studies gotu kola has passed these tests with flying colors.

This is an important distinction, especially when one considers that virtually all prescription drugs have some kind of side effects.  So often the evaluation of a prescription drug involves researchers deciding if the benefit of a drug outweighs the health risks associated with the drug.

Although some people have noted that medicinal herbs can be unsafe if they are not correctly used and that some plants are poisonous, it makes little sense to question the safety of using herbs and plants that have been used as food, teas and flavorings for hundreds or thousands of years.  Even at dosages as high as 3000 mg per day, Gotu kola herb effects have all been positive.

Careful studies have revealed that the health benefits of gotu kola include supporting healthy immune system functions. Even more, since this herb helps to “normalize” or balance physiological reactions to stress, it fits the last parts of the definition, as well.

People react to stress in different ways.  Some display nervousness or hyperactivity (nail-biting, finger tapping, etc.), and in other cases they lack energy and exhaustion sets in quickly. In either case,  an adaptogenic herb such as gotu kola proves to be helpful.

For most people the benefits of gotu kola are noticed immediately. Sometimes with just the first dose, people notice improved energy without the jittery kind of nervousness that is experienced with caffeine or other stimulants. In Thailand an afternoon “pick me up” could come from chewing a few gotu kola leaves.

Bacoside A, which is one of the components contributing to gotu kola herb effects, has been shown in scientific studies to contribute to the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide acts within the human body to  allow the arteries and veins to relax so that blood flows more freely.

This likely explains the traditional use of the juice from the gotu kola leaves to relieve high blood pressure. Knowing this, it is evident that the health benefits of gotu kola can be extensive since many health problems, ranging from heart disease to chronic fatigue and even erectile dysfunction, can be related to poor circulation.

Bacoside B is a protein that nourishes brain cells. The benefits of gotu kola which most people have heard of include improved memory. Add to that the combination of improved circulation and increased nourishment to the brain, it's not surprising to discover many reports that gotu kola improves overall mental clarity, attention to detail and even level of confidence.

Because of the many gotu kola herb effects in the human body, it is not surprising to discover that some of the best daily health supplements  which aim at promote a longer healthier life contain this herb.

Although Gotu kola is not be the the magical “fountain of youth” which men have sought to find over the ages, it certainly has a place in a well-balanced daily diet.

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