Fish Oil for Dogs--Should You Buy It?

Fish oil for dogs? But that's crazy, isn't it? Aren't we taking this dietary supplement thing just a little too far?

Some people might wonder if it's a bit extreme to use supplements for pets. Fish oil has been used by veterinarians to treat dogs' illnesses, in fact. It started off being used to treat dogs' allergies, but since then fish oil for dogs has been used to treat arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease, and a wide range of illnesses.

Fish oil is healthy for dogs for the same reason that it's healthy for humans: it naturally contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. Furthermore, your dog may need a fish oil supplement for the same reason that you may--poor general nutrition.

Well, don't you give your dog the top-shelf dry dog food? Isn't that the healthy stuff? A lot people certainly believe that, and the makers of dry dog food, I am sure, believe that, too. But it just isn't so.

The fact is that more pets are dying younger these days than ever before. This certainly should not be the case since we have the most advanced veterinary medicine in history available to us now. Let's also consider that the leading killer of dogs today is cancer. Nearly 35% of all dogs will get cancer, and half of all dogs over the age of 10 will die because of cancer.

It used to be that cancer was a human disease, though--and one that has become widespread only within the last century. Why should dogs be getting cancer at all, let alone so frighteningly frequently? We only need to look at the common dry dog food to know the answer.

Even the best dry dog foods are highly processed, grain-based foods. They don't contain the nutrients that they claim to contain--not because these are sadistic dog-hating liars who are making this stuff, but because they just don't get the fact that they are processing the grains too highly, and furthermore dogs aren't naturally inclined to eat grains. They only eat grains when they can't find any meat. Going without meat is not healthy for most human beings (sorry vegans, but it's true), and it's certainly not healthy for any dog. What it all comes down to is, your dog is suffering from malnutrition if s/he is eating dry dog food.

So, what can you do besides start buying the meaty dog food? You can make up for your beloved pet's malnutrition by getting him fish oil for dogs. Fish oil for dogs:

  • Successfully treats allergies, including skin conditions.

  • Helps get rid of or prevent arthritis.

  • Gives your dog a shiny, healthy coat.

  • Prevents inflammation and its related disorders.

  • Lowers triglycerides.

  • Prevents cancer.

  • Treats heart disease and can reverse it.

  • Prevents brain disorders from developing.

  • Can correct renal damage.

  • Raises the levels of HDL or "good" cholesterol.

  • Helps a pregnant dog give birth to stronger, healthier puppies

If most of these positive effects of fish oil for dogs sound like those they have in human beings, you're right--they are mostly the same. Which is why you should talk to your vet about fish oil supplementation in your dog's diet.

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