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Liquid nutritional supplements are popular among adults because of its easier consumption and higher absorption rate. One of the rising stars of the market niche is the Ensure nutritional supplement from Abbot Nutrition, which is a global leader in health care. The line caters to adults only with products for athletes, health-conscious persons and elderly individuals although you will also find a few products directed at patients with chronic illnesses.

Indeed, the Ensure supplements are considered as specialized therapeutic products designed for patients who have impaired glucose tolerance, joint diseases, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and even for those who are recovering from various types of illnesses. Usually, the nutritional supplements information provides a basic guide as to the benefits of the product, whether it is for bone health or as an aid in diabetes management.

Thus, when choosing an Ensure brand of nutritional supplement, your doctor is the best resource as to which one is the most suitable one for your case. But if you are a relatively healthy individual with no known underlying medical condition and no prescription medications that can be affected by the liquid supplement, then choose one based on your health goals.

Ensure Plus

If complete and balance nutrition for your mind and body is the health goal, Ensure Plus is the best product for your case. It contains 350 nutrient-rich calories along with 24 essential micronutrients and 13 grams of proteins as the macronutrient component. You can also take Ensure Plus if you have restrictions on the volume of food and beverage that can be consumed.

Ensure Nutrition Shake

This is the Ensure nutritional supplement with the double benefit of a complete and balanced nutrition on one hand and anti-aging antioxidants on the other hand. You can also enjoy many flavors like rich dark chocolate, strawberries and cream, and butter pecan.

Ensure Bone Health

For better bone health, you are in good hands with Ensure Bone Health. Its main ingredient is, of course, calcium with the addition of Vitamin D and protein (Caltrius, as Abbott calls it). The combination provides for 50 percent of the daily values required of calcium and vitamin D. You will also benefit from the antioxidants in the liquid supplement.

Ensure Immune Health

Another Ensure nutritional supplement with targeted benefits is the Ensure Immune Health product. It main functions are to promote the digestive tract's health and to boost the immune system, thanks to the probiotic fiber, 24 essential micronutrients and omega-3.

Ensure Muscle Health

Bodybuilders appreciate the benefits of Ensure Muscle Health in their efforts to rebuild muscle and strength. Even people who just want to regain their lost muscle mass can benefit from this liquid supplement such as people in their 40s and above. It contains the patented Revigor formula along with protein and 24 essential micronutrients.

Ensure Clinical Strength

You can also opt for Ensure Clinical Strength for better health. You have the benefit of 13 grams of protein, 24 essential macronutrients and probiotic fiber, among other ingredients.

No matter the Ensure nutritional supplement chosen, you must determine if the number of calories contained in each drink is suitable for your diet plan. This time, you may have to work with a dietitian.

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