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With the Great Recession still making its presence felt in many people's lives, the appeal of a discount nutritional supplement - vitamin and mineral supplements particularly - are completely understandable. You have the benefits of nutrition on one hand and affordability on the other hand. Everybody wins, so to speak.

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But is it really true? Does everyone always win?  We must emphasize that there is a big difference between buying cheap but good quality supplements and purchasing cheap but potentially dangerous products. Some people believe you will find many manufacturers selling the latter because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies nutritional supplements as food and, thus, not subject to the stringent requirements for medications and drugs.

Potential Dangers

Even if you are not one of those skeptics it is still wise to be careful about purchasing that over-the-counter discount nutritional supplement. Vitamin and mineral supplements may be on your top agenda for the New Year but only if these nutrients will provide real health benefits. Otherwise, you can end up with a placebo for a nutritional supplement and, even worse, suffer from the potentially harmful side effects of cheapo consumable products.

The following three are just a few of said dangers. Your experience will expectedly be different from the next individual in many ways but similarities will also be observed.

Toxicity in terms of the ingredients containing one nutrient too many in relation to the others. For example, a multivitamin may have excessive amounts of Vitamin A, which can lead to complications like rickets. Keep in mind that too much of anything good is still toxic.

Purity of the ingredients is also questionable. You may not know it since the nutritional supplements information will not give away the dangerous secret but toxic substances like lead, mercury and pesticides can be present in a discount nutritional supplement. Vitamin and mineral benefits, notwithstanding, you are unnecessarily putting yourself at risk with these products.

Potency of the ingredients are also suspicious either because these are not provided for in sufficient quantities or are provided for in adequate amounts but of a lower quality than the standards set by professional industry organizations.

In fact, you must even question if the manufacturers of the nutritional supplement even follows the basics of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) adopted by the most reputable companies in the industry. At the very least, GMP certification is an assurance that the manufacturer complied with high standards from the manufacturing to the packaging of its discount nutritional supplement. Vitamin and mineral supplements with such certification are preferable even when sold at a lower price.

Potential Steps for Protection

Fortunately, you have many ways to protect your interests from your money to your health against discounted nutritional supplements with suspicious quality. First, look for the certifications that attest to the good quality of the product including ISP and GMP. Better yet, ask your doctor for pharmaceutical grade supplements to be on the safe side.

Second, read the labels. You should be getting the right quantity and quality of nutrients in each pill depending on the promise of the manufacturer. You will be surprised at what reading labels can do for your health and pocket.

Yes, you can purchase discount nutritional supplement. Vitamin and mineral supplements are still subject to market forces, thus, the lower prices. But you should never sacrifice your health in favor of saving a few dollars on a low-quality supplement.

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