The Marvelous Digestive Enzyme

Ever wondered what is a digestive enzyme, what they are and why we need them?  David Brant gives you some of the answers you need to understand these essential elements in your body ...

Without digestive enzymes (DEs) in your stomach and saliva, your healthy diet and your vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements are all eaten in vain. DEs are absolutely necessary for converting the nutrients in these foods and supplements into the biochemicals that your body's tissues and blood can actually use.

There are some enzymes that our bodies cannot make and which must therefore be ingested from our foods. But, even those digestive enzymes that are present in the body diminish in production as we age. This is why, to put it delicately, it's not desirable to sit next to 65-year-old Uncle Charlie at Thanksgiving (you feel like if you light a match you'll blow the place up). But by paying attention to our diets and taking DE supplements, we don't have to fall prey to the effects of diminished DE production as we age, and we also don't have to be victimized by the lack of DEs that our modern processed food and our too-heavy-reliance upon fast foods unfortunately provide us with.

What are the benefits of sufficient DEs?

  • The blood-used DEs are amylase, alkaline phospatase, lipase, peptidase, and protease, all of which are vital parts of the pancreatic fluids are thus vital to our having a strong immune system. Without these DEs present, our immune systems start faltering, leaving us much more susceptible to getting illnesses and diseases.
  • The DE bromelain is used to treat many inflammatory conditions such as rheumatism and athletic injuries. Bromelain is often better than other anti-inflammatory medicines and is often used in order to avoid the need for prescribing steroid-containing medicines for treating inflammation. Thus, the presence of bromelain in the body reduces the risk of and the effects of inflammation (which leads to pain and can lead to cancer) and speeds the healing of injuries.
  • Cleansing of the colon, the blood, and the arteries.
  • Healthy hair, nails, and skin.
  • Much easier time maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure level.

we can  get a great many DEs from the right food...

DEs can be gotten through supplementation, or digestive aids, and for many people this is necessary because of modern diets or because they are getting older. But we can also get a great deal of DEs from the right foods.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of these enzymes naturally. However, these enzymes are easily destroyed by heat, so if you cook your veggies and you are concerned about getting DEs from them, steam them only, and only at a temperature no greater than 107 F. If your veggies and greens are not crunchy, they don't have much in the way of DEs in them.

To discover the importance of digestive enzymes for yourself first hand, go buy yourself a bottle of papaya enzyme capsules. They taste pretty good when you chew them (and they are inexpensive). The next time you eat a heavy meal, have a few papaya enzyme tablets for dessert. You'll immediately feel your digestion improving, and if the food you ate normally gives you some measure of heartburn or discomfort you'll find this can be completely done away with by these papaya capsules!

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