The Danger in Diet Nutritional Supplements

In this article, we refer to the term "diet nutritional supplement" as the weight loss supplements used to complement a healthy diet and exercise program. Such distinction is important as there are dietary supplements formulated to maintain good health as well as nutritional supplements designed to boost athletic performance.

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These nutritional supplements typically have essential micronutrients, macronutrients and other substances to achieve the purpose while weight loss supplements have different ingredients. A quick comparison of the nutritional supplements information on the labels of these products quickly makes the difference as obvious as a sunny day.

Be Aware of These Little-Known Facts

With that being said, it is of utmost importance to choose the right diet nutritional supplement for many reasons. Our bodies are fragile systems that may or may not suffer from the side effects of these dietary supplements especially where the weight loss substances are concerned. We have heard of ingredients in diet pills that led to death in many users (i.e., Bangkok diet pills)

Fortunately, you can arm yourself with the following little-known facts about nutritional supplements that can be used to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you can translate these facts into action, you are in a better position to make informed judgments about these products.

  • No government agency in the country and abroad has enforceable strict standards over dietary supplements as these are not considered as medications in the conventional sense of the term. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot test the safety, quality and efficacy of any diet nutritional supplement despite the common consumer notion that these products have been subjected to rigorous testing.

  • Unscrouplous manufacturers may withhold the truth, embellish the truth and manipulate the truth about their products. Unless you take it upon yourself to learn more about the ingredients from reputable sources, you, the consumer, is at a disadvantage.

Thus, when choosing the weight loss supplement, always bring a skeptical mind into the game. Your choice will then be based on how well you have evaluated the pros and cons of the product.

Beware of These Ingredients

Your skeptic mind is necessary with the slew of potentially dangerous ingredients in many dietary supplements for weight loss. Your health is at risk mainly because the side effects can be life-threatening even with short-term use. Health professionals have noted that most frequent dieters admit that at least once in their lives, they have taken a diet nutritional supplement that may have addressed their weight loss concerns but worsened underlying medical conditions.

The most common ingredients in these weight loss supplements that we must all beware of are ephedra, St. John's wort, chromium picolinate, pyruvate, guarana, phenylpropanolamine and senna. In short, avoid these ingredients as much as you can.

Also, beware of the fantastical claims made by the manufacturers about these products. You will come across marketing hype like "secret formula", "weight loss without diet and exercise" and "quick, easy and fast weight loss".

In the end, even the best diet nutritional supplement in the market will not work by itself to actually make anybody lose excess weight and maintain ideal weight. A healthy diet and exercise program is still a must if and when safe, effective and healthy weight loss is the goal. That's exactly why the product is called a supplement!

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