Comparitive Guide to Nutritional Supplements

Did you know that medical doctors actually recognize the need for supplements?  With that in mind, how would a doctor choose for his own family?  ...

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Many remain unaware that the American Medical Association (AMA) has acknowledged that all adults regardless of age, physical condition and fitness goals need dietary supplements.  But the question is: How does one choose from among literally hundreds of products to buy only the best supplements without paying beastly prices?  Enter the Comparitive Guide to Nutritional Supplements and life in the modern world was made easier for consumers.

Understandable Information

The creator of this guidebook in nutritional supplements is Dr. Lyle MacWilliam, an educator and chemist, who also happens to be the President of NutriSearch.  According to the company's official website, the guidebook was borne of the efforts of Dr. MacWilliam to find the best nutritional supplements for his family.  This is one proof that when extensive knowledge, passion for health and concern for family come together, the results often benefit many individuals.

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Anyways, the guidebook already has undergone many editions since its publication with the fourth edition being dubbed as the Consumers' Edition.  As can be expected from the title, this Comparitive Guide to Nutritional Supplements edition was intended to help the average consumer understand the oft-bewildering world of supplementation.  The technical jargon and other scientific terms were replaced with more commonly used words, terms and phrases without sacrificing the integrity of the information.

In this way, the average Joe and Jane can choose from among nutritional supplements with an educated mind instead of completely basing their decisions on advertisements, hype and consumer referrals.  Among the best information contained in the guidebook are the scientific comparisons of the products in the market based on their nutritional supplements information - ingredients and daily values, for example.

Ratings, Discussion and Depictions

Consumers also appreciate that the Comparitive Guide to Nutritional Supplements is sufficiently easy to read, enjoyable to see and enlightening to the mind.  As previously mentioned, the technical jargon that often bog down other guidebooks on supplements are removed from Dr. MacWilliam's work, thus, making it easy to read.

There are also graphical depictions of the top-rated products in the books.  It definitely makes for easier identification in the health food store as well as easier connections when evaluating the products in the store.  Even the five-star ratings with half-star increments used for ranking the 1500 American and Canadian supplements are a joy to see, in a manner of speaking.

Discussions of the 18 critical Health Support Criteria are also available.  Readers can then understand why a certain product was provided with a higher rating than another similar product.  The criteria used in the Comparitive Guide to Nutritional Supplements can be applied to the evaluation of other similar products that may have escaped the attention of Dr. MacWilliam and his team.  By the way, the criteria include completeness, potency, bioactivity, and potential toxicities, among others.

An important criticism of the guidebook is its bias toward the products of USANA, which many consumers will find to be too much of a coincidence.  If you keep that in mind, the Comparitive Guide to Nutritional Supplements may still serve as a good guidebook to help you narrow down your choices among the more reputable supplements on the market today.

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