The Natural Cold Sore Cure

Many people are searching for the natural cold sore cure ... here's some help.

cold sore cureCold sores are characterized by a small cluster of tiny, white blisters that soon explode to become sores near the mouth and nose as well as on the external lip.

You will complain of cold sores being very painful for the next 7 to 14 days until these fever blisters clear up. Fortunately, there are natural cures for cold sores that can hasten the healing process for these so-called fever blisters.

But first, we have to emphasize that cold sores cannot be cured per se. This is because fever blisters are caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus, which can lie dormant for years in the body before being triggered by exposure to extreme cold or sunlight, among others. In fact, cold sores have the annoying habit of always coming back at the same spot of the previous attacks.

As such, the following cold sore treatment methods are not cures per se. But you will appreciate the relief from the pain these cures can bring as well as the possibility for lessening the chances of passing on cold sores to others.

Cover It Up

The other cold sore cures described in this article will be helped along significantly when you can avoid your beloved makeup, at least for the duration of the healing process. Makeup contains chemicals that can aggravate the skin condition. You will not want to extend the sensation of pain and appearance of ugliness, will you?

If you must cover up your cold sores, do so with petroleum jelly. It will speed up the healing process while protecting the open skin from bacterial infections. You may also apply a local anesthetic ointment to temporarily lessen the pain of the fever blisters.

Change Your Toothbrush

Even when your toothbrush is not yet 3 months old as of the time of the cold sores, you should buy a new one on two occasions - first, when the blisters have formed and, second, after the sores have cleared up. Your old toothbrush can harbor the virus and then pass it on to others when toothbrushes come into contact.

Besides, the efficacy of the other cold sore cures will be compromised with an old toothbrush. Even when the cures are taking effect, your toothbrush continues to sow new clusters of blisters in the mouth.

Pop the Vitamin Pills

Your best bet in treating cold sores is to increase your consumption of vitamin supplements. We suggest the following:

  • Vitamin A helps in skin renewal

  • Vitamin B helps in lessening stress, a known trigger for cold sores

  • Vitamin C helps in fighting infections

  • Vitamin E lessens skin irritations

To be effective as cold sore cures, these vitamins must be taken in the right doses. Your best bet is to look at the nutritional supplements information for the amount of each vitamin that comes with the pills.

Love Licorice, Ice and Milk

Other things that lessen the pain of cold sores include chewing on a licorice whip, applying ice packs on the affected area and placing a milk-soaked cotton ball on the blisters. Keep these things handy if you have recurring cold sores especially during extremely cold or sunny weather as well as during stressful periods.

You may choose to apply all of these cold sore cures to achieve optimal effect. And, from the relief you get you will certainly appreciate whoever came up with these ideas.

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