Checking out Burger King nutritional information

Hey, do you dare to go to bed before the King? The Burger King, that is. Well, if you don't, what do you know about Burger King nutritional information?

bk BK is the second-biggest fast food burger house, after McDonald's. Some people don't care for BK's burgers these days, as years ago, they started adding something like Liquid Smoke to their meat for flavor. But the thing that put BK on the map was the fact that they flame-broiled all of their burgers — unlike their golden-arches rival which fries them.

Still, a lot of people must still find their food tasty. I do, in fact, although I don't eat there very much these days. I will say that the King really does want you to get plenty of beef, meat, and cheese though!

But what about that Burger King nutritional information?

If you check Burger King nutritional information, what are you going to find? Well, what I decided to do is check out which Burger King products contain the most calories. Now, I'm not a calorie counter, and you shouldn't be, either. But, you see, not all calories are created equal. Aye, there's the rub.

If BK is packing the caloric punch in a product, you want to know exactly where those calories are coming from. It's not exactly going to be the same as the caloric equivalent of sauteed spinach, now is it?

So, my foray into getting the truth about Burger King nutritional information uncovered the following.

BK's ten most caloric offerings are:

  • 1) TRIPLE WHOPPER Sandwich With Cheese
  • 2) TRIPLE WHOPPER Sandwich
  • 3) BK Quad Stacker
  • 4) DOUBLE WHOPPER Sandwich with Cheese
  • 5) OREO Sundae Shake - Chocolate - Medium
  • 6) Chocolate Milk Shake - Large
  • 7) OREO Sundae Shake - Strawberry - Medium
  • 8) Strawberry Milk Shake - Large
  • 9) DOUBLE WHOPPER Sandwich
  • 10) OREO Sundae Shake - Vanilla - Medium

So, the way that the King gets you filled up is not with burgers and fries, but burgers and shakes. Interesting! (For those who might be interested, BK's Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich is #13, making it the most calorie-rich non-burger or non-shake food that the restaurant offers.)

Now ... let's look at just what you're getting, nutritionally, for all those calories.

For starters, those Whoppers and other burgers are giving you hundreds of calories at one time — in fact, the triple-deckers are giving you OVER 1,000 calories at one time. Just one of them does that. And you are getting anywhere from 50 to 80 grams of fat — most of it saturated. You're also getting 45 to 55 grams of carbohydrates and similar amounts of proteins.

As for the shakes ... well, there's not all that much, 5 to 8 grams depending. But the carbohydrates are through the roof. That Oreo Sundae Shake? Over 100 grams of carbs. Same for the strawberry shakes. Not much protein in them, either.

Now, to put this in perspective for you: Those Subway Five Dollar Foot Long sandwiches, which are mighty good, each have FEWER THAN 8 grams of fat. I don't want to go into Subway here, but I wanted you to understand that a BK Triple Whopper with Cheese is giving you more than 10 TIMES the amount of fat as one of the Foot Longs — and even a strawberry shake is giving you more fat! Plus, those are going to be tres simple carbs in those shakes — terrible things if you have any kind of weight problem.

Still, we do need protein, and fats, and carbohydrates. But do we need simple "empty" carbs? Do we need that much saturated fat overload?

Maybe once in a while ... but, clearly, you can't get the fullness of nutrition that you need from BK. My admittedly basic Burger King nutritional information study reveals that it's okay to eat and enjoy those listed foods every once in a while, but you need a much more balanced nutritional plan — and that means, including some high quality vitamin and mineral supplements, and a good choice might be Xtend Life's Total Balance.

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