Black Cohosh Root


What is black cohosh and why is it important to know about it?  We explore that in this article ...

black cohoshWhat is Black Cohosh root?

Botanically known as Cimicifuga racemosa and commonly known variedly as Black bugbane, black snakeroot, bugbane, bugwort, rattleroot, rattletop, rattleweed, and macrotys was originally used by the American Indians for gynecological disorders and other illnesses. It is native to Canada, eastern states of the US as far south as Florida, prefers shady spots in shrubby areas and grown from seed and the root is harvested during autumn.

Benefits and Uses

It has been demonstrated that this amazing root used in conjunction with St. John's Wort has proven to be effective in treating hot flashes and other menopausal problems. It stimulates estrogen-like process in women's body and should be taken in fairly small doses.

This herb is an:

  • antispasmodic,

  • astringent,

  • diuretic,

  • emmenagogue,

  • expectorant

  • sedative. 

It has been considered a powerful remedy for hysteria and for problems of a spasmodic nature such as whooping cough, consumption, and chorea. Small doses may be useful for diarrhea in children.

The parts of the herb that are used are the underground stems and roots which are either used fresh or dried to make strong teas , capsules, or as solid extracts used in pills, or liquid extracts (tinctures). It should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing. Talk to your physician before use.

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