The     Best Multi Vitamin

Some ideas on choosing the best multi vitamin for you, or your family ...

In the multi-billion dollar nutritional supplements market, most manufacturers will claim to produce the multi vitamin that is best for every individual from children to adults require to maintain good health. Indeed, it is easy to assume such a claim as federal regulations implicitly allow it except in cases of gross misrepresentation of health benefits.

At Stake Is Your Health

Why is the title for the best nutrition supplement with vitamins and minerals hotly contested, in a manner of speaking? Well, the health of millions of people is at stake on one hand while the health of hundreds of manufacturers' bottom lines is on the line on the other hand. The former is, of course, more important from the point of view of an ordinary individual - numerous studies have proven beyond reasonable doubt that the right amounts of vitamins and minerals taken at the right times can prevent diseases, fight illnesses and prolong life.

The trick then is to find the best multi vitamin. We must emphasize that each individual requires a different set of micronutrient based on his/her age, physical condition and purpose for taking the supplement. As such, it is of utmost importance to look at the nutritional supplements information label to ensure that you are getting what your doctor prescribed for your needs. Otherwise, the purpose of supplementation will be defeated if you go over or under the recommended amounts of the micronutrients.

For example, an overdose of Vitamin C in pregnant women can lead to fetal problems. Or that a multivitamin pill may not be suitable for a child due to its high dosages.

Go With the Mainstream

So, how do you choose the best multi vitamin? You may look at the labels and try to find the micronutrient that you want included in your daily nutrition. You may ask family and friends for their recommended products. You may believe the advertisements of supplements as being the best. You may search the Internet for answers.

All of these are valid routes, of course, with merits of their own. But we always suggest asking your doctor for specific prescriptions as your physical condition may adversely react with the ingredients in a certain nutritional supplement. Again, taking the example of a pregnant woman, an iron supplement is not recommended during the first trimester as it can have an adverse effect on the health of mother and unborn fetus.

But for relatively healthy adult individuals, the best multi vitamin often comes from the wide array of the mainstream brands, say, Centrum Silver. The important thing when choosing from among these brands is the labels on the bottles.

No, we are not referring to the labels promoting the product as the best of its kind. Instead, we are talking about the labels that attest to the manufacturer's compliance with good manufacturing practices, federal laws and other industry standards. Seals from the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and NSF International (NSF) as well as (CL) are great indicators of demonstrated quality.

While not being certified does not mean that a product is deficient, you might wonder why that product has not been presented for testing. If everything else is equal, it is obvious that a certified product is a better  choice.  Although there may be time and expense involved for the manufacturer, if a long established manufacturer refuses to submit their nutritional supplements for testing, warning bells will start ringing.

In conclusion, it is certain that the best multi vitamin cannot be judged based on its price. You have to look into the ingredients to determine that these are in line with your individual health needs and goals.

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