Anxiety Depression Herbs That Actually Work

Anxiety depression herbs not only work but without side effects.  We examine how to control these conditions without the use of psychological interventions and anti anxiety drugs ...

berriesAnxiety and depression can seriously mar the quality of a person's life. It seemed that the only way to control these conditions is through the use of psychological interventions and anti anxiety drugs.

Unfortunately, these preparations are known for their serious side effects such as an increased risk of heart ailments and the possibility of relapse after the medication is discontinued. On the other hand, anxiety depression herbs are not only efficacious but also they have no side effects. So, if you are interested in trying out these natural products to control your anxiety, here is a look at some herbs.

some common anxiety depression herbs

Passion Flower: This herb is well known for its calming properties and is extremely effective when used to soothe a bad condition of nerves and anxiety. As a matter of fact, most naturopaths suggest that passionflower is Mother Nature's very own tranquilizer. It helps to relieve anxiety and depression without any of the ghastly side effects associated with the regular drugs used for the purpose.

Siberian Ginseng: Ginseng is found in several herbal preparations; it is especially potent when used in anxiety relief supplements. The herb helps to diminish irritability and increase energy levels. It also helps to strengthen the nervous system, helping to combat against the physical and mental effects of fatigue and depression.

Ashwagandha: This is another popular herb that has been a part of Ayurveda for thousands of years; the famed herb helps to improve mental ability, concentration and focus. So it is very effective in helping people combat against external and internal stress factors. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to relive physical fatigue.

Chamomile: This is another anxiety depression herb that is a strong relaxant. It has a soothing and tranquilizing effect that helps to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Chamomile is also very efficacious when used against insomnia and nausea and indigestion.

Hops: Don't let the name fool you, it's only a misnomer for an extremely potent herb that can be used to treat insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, excitability, nervousness, tensions and sleep disorders.

Kava Kava: This humble herb is often touted as the natural alternative for valium and other sedatives. Kava Kava has a calming effect on the body and has very strong relaxing properties. It is commonly used to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress and restlessness.

Gingko Biloba: This anxiety depression herb is seen very often in herbal preparations for overall health. Gingko has very strong anti-oxidant properties so it helps in neutralizing free radicals and averts the damage caused by them. It helps to improve blood circulation especially to the brain and promotes mental clarity and concentration. It also aids in improving memory and alertness. When combined with ginger, Gingko helps to reduce stress and anxiety and can be used to successfully treat depression.

St John's warts: This herb is known as Nature's very own Prozac, It is commonly used to treat depression and anxiety.


Not only herbs but also several minerals are known to help in relieving the symptoms of fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. Some of these minerals are:

Magnesium: This mineral helps to relieve anxiety, depression and stress. It is also known to combat mental fatigue and is important for overall well being. Magnesium is essential for proper nerve functioning, so any deficiency can reduce mental capacity leading to depression.

Calcium: Calcium helps to alleviate irritability and depression.

Zinc: Zinc deficiency can cause depression.

Before you take any anxiety depression herbs, it is imperative to consult with your doctor. While these preparations and supplements do not cause any side effects, it is essential to not discontinue your prescription medication unless advised by your physician.

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