Anti Inflammatory Herbs

When illness strikes anti inflammatory herbs right from your garden may provide relief ...

anti inflamitory herbsIf you will observe, most physical illnesses are characterized by the inflammation of the skin in various parts of the body. You will also take note that even the internal organs can suffer from inflammation during an illness.

You may look to the medicine chest to control such inflammation but this may not be immediately necessary, thanks to anti inflammatory herbs.

You will be saving more than a few dollars, too, but without sacrificing on the efficacy of the herbal formulations suggested below. When the symptoms of inflammation do not appear to respond to these herbs, we suggest seeing your doctor as a serious medical illness may be afoot.

Aloe Vera

In traditional Chinese medicine, aloe vera has long been known to lessen inflammation in and outside the body. It can be used to heal wounds, soothe skin burns and just lessen the degree of inflammation on the affected area. You can apply the ready-made topical ointment on the skin or peel a fresh stalk of aloe vera to reveal the juicy part.

You can also take aloe vera juice, teas and capsules for internal inflammation as well as for detoxification of the digestive tract. Indeed, among all the anti inflammatory herbs, aloe vera has the most uses and highly effective, to boot.

Holy Basil

holy basilThis is an herb native to India and its moniker as a holy basil stems from its use as a symbol of a powerful deity. Where aloe vera is used in traditional Chinese medicine, its Indian Ayurvedic counterpart is holy basil.

As an herb, holy basil is also used to flavor food. As a medicinal plant, it can also be used to treat sore throat, colds and flu, thanks to its antioxidant properties. Holy basil is also used in the prevention of diabetes, arthritis and peptic ulcer as well as in lessening the effects of chemotherapy and radiation poisoning.

As one of the anti-inflammatory herbs, it can be taken in its dried, grounded and powdered forms. You must, however, avoid usage of holy basil when you are pregnant.


licoriceAs a candy, licorice is a favorite among kids and adults alike. Its sweet taste is heaven. But did you know that licorice is also used by herbalists to lessen inflammation?

Yes, indeed, you can chew on licorice sticks when you have cold sores and mouth ulcers as well as drink licorice tea for peptic ulcers and chronic hepatitis infection. You may also choose to take licorice capsule for your cold symptoms. Just make sure not to overdo one of the more effective anti-inflammatory herbs as licorice can result in high blood pressure.

Saw Palmetto

saw palmettoSaw palmetto is best known as an herbal treatment for baldness. As an anti-inflammatory herb, it can be used in its tablet and capsule forms. You will find that saw palmetto has its merits in the treatment of an enlarged prostate gland in men.

But you have to discuss with your doctor the effective dosage for saw palmetto. You should not rely on the nutritional supplements information alone as each case is different especially in the treatment of the abovementioned male health issue.

In the end, these anti-inflammatory herbs will only be effective up to a certain point. You must consult with your doctor when the symptoms persist.

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