Anti Inflammatory Diet: Is It the Answer to Good Health?

The anti-inflammatory diet ... what it is and what it is not ...

It must be emphasized that an anti-inflammatory diet is not a weight loss diet. It is more appropriate to look at this particular diet as an eating plan for a lifetime precisely because you are expected to adopt the diet plan for its long-term overall health benefits to the mind and body.

Also, the term anti-inflammatory eating plan does not apply to one type of diet alone. In fact, if you input it into the online search engines, you will be presented with at least a half-dozen incarnations of the diet. Your job then is to determine which of these anti-inflammatory diets is valid, feasible and adoptable where you are concerned, that is.

Why Go for the Diet

With that being said, what exactly is the anti-inflammatory diet? Think of it as a diet with the main goal of lessening the amount of inflammation present in our bodies. Studies have shown that cellular inflammation can be the root cause of many diseases even in the likes of Alzheimer's syndrome, certain types of cancers and cardiovascular illnesses.

In previous years, the medical community thought that only the diseases with -itis as their suffixes are caused by inflammation. We can think of arthritis and appendicitis as examples. Well, not so nowadays with more evidence to the contrary.

Thus, if simple logic is to be applied, the many types of anti-inflammatory diets are, indeed, good for overall health mainly because the risks for developing many diseases are lessened. To be more specific, an anti-inflammatory diet is supposed to lessen the risks for heart diseases, lessen blood triglycerides, manage hypertension and soothe arthritic joints, among others.

So, this begs the question of whether all these statements are true and, thus, must doctors now also recommend any of the anti-inflammatory diets to their patients. The safest answer would be just as long as the mind and body will be healthy, then it is definitely worth a try. With mounting evidence in its favor, we can certainly say that it's time to lose the weight diet and go the way of its anti-inflammatory counterpart.

What to Eat on the Diet

Admittedly, the many variations of the diet mean that there are differences in the details of what can and cannot be eaten with the anti-inflammatory diet. There are similarities, fortunately, that we can all refer to when deciding if the diet is suitable for each individual's case.

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Lessen intake of the bad fats like the saturated and trans fats

  • Eat more fatty fishes for their omega-3 contents

  • Avoid processed, packaged and refined foods

Of course, even a healthy diet will require supplements to bridge the gap between actual consumption and ideal dosage for the nutrients. We recommend always reading the nutritional supplements information to determine if the supplements are sufficient for the purpose for which you intend to take them.

As you will observe, the general principles of the anti-inflammatory diet are similar to the many other healthy diets recommended by doctors since the start of modern medical science. So, is it the secret to good health? Yes, it is although emphasis must be made on the fact that the diet is only one part of the being healthy, with the other two being exercise and lifestyle.

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