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Seeking an Anti Aging Nutritional Supplement - an elixir for perpetual youth?  This article may set you on the right path ...

Aging is inevitable in humans with no mythical elixir of youth in sight to provide for an immortal life. Then again, we can always delay the signs of aging with the right approach to health particularly in the diet, exercise and lifestyle aspects. Add in the right anti aging nutritional supplement and everybody has the opportunity to look and feel younger for a longer period of time.

Healthy Diet and Looking Young

Since we are talking of nutritional supplements , we must first look at the role of diet in keeping the body younger inside and out. Keep in mind that nutritional supplements must never take the place of good diet, which means that the latter is the foundation upon which effective use of the former rests on.

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On the outside, a healthy diet provides the essential vitamins that provide protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun as well as the adverse effects of environmental toxins. These vitamins include Vitamins A, C, D and E that can be sourced from foods like carrots, apricots, orange juice, milk, tomatoes, avocados and kiwi, among others. In fact, you will see many an anti aging nutritional supplement containing all of these vitamins albeit in different quantities - look at the nutritional supplements information on the label, of course.

On the inside, the cells, tissues and muscles that make up our organs also benefit from the anti-aging effects of the macro and micronutrients present in a healthy diet. It must be noted that there is no sense in boasting of great skin when the organs are suffering. In the case of the internal organs, delaying the signs of aging comes in the form of lessening the risks for chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and cancers.

Nutritional Supplements and Feeling Young

So where does the anti aging nutritional supplement come in the equation? There are two basic roles that dietary supplements play in delaying the signs of aging as follows:

  • Supplementation bridges the gap between what a healthy diet can and cannot provide for effective anti-aging measures. For example, it may not be possible to get the megadoses of Vitamin C that studies have proven effective in prevention of skin wrinkles and certain forms of cancers from the diet alone, thus, the need for the dietary supplements.

  • Supplementation boosts the body's capacity to protect itself against the onslaught of free radicals from the food, the environment and other factors. For this reason, many an anti aging nutritional supplement will contain abundant quantities of antioxidants to fight free radical damage, which is the main reason behind the aging process. Antioxidants are present in fruits and vegetables but it may not be possible to get sufficient amounts necessary to anti-aging purposes.

Of course, we always recommend looking at the list of ingredients. It is not only antioxidants that matter in anti-aging supplementation - studies have shown the benefits of coQ10, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Human Growth Hormone, and DHEA .

In conclusion, an anti aging nutritional supplement will not stop the natural process of aging completely. The good news is that when coupled with a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, you can stop the hands of time from showing up your skin much too soon. If you must age, then do so gracefully.

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